After School STEM Classes Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

+How long are classes?

Each BUILD class is an hour long. Most students attend class two hours per week. Some students attend two classes in one day, while others find coming twice a week a better fit. Some students enroll for three or four hours per week.

+Is busing available?

Yes! Bus transportation is available from local area schools within a 10 minute drive to our Lexington and Newton Studios. Please note that we require two weeks notice to sign up for bus transportation.

+Are you offering BUILD both in-person and online?

Yes! We had enormous success complying with COVID safety procedures this summer and will continue to offer programs in-person.

+Can I combine in-person and online classes?

Yes! You can select just in-person classes, online classes, or some of each. We are happy to accommodate the best schedule for your child and family.

+Can my child stay for the whole time after school?

Yes! Extended care is available before and after your child’s classes from the time school is dismissed until 6:30pm. Students can have a snack, do homework, continue to work on their projects, or just relax and play games with friends.

+When do classes begin and end?

Classes run on an ongoing basis. Children can join anytime and progress through the projects and learning content at their own pace or the pace defined by their individual learning path. Most students will take 2-3 months to cover the content in one class before progressing to the next level or switching to a different learning domain.

+Can I just sign up my child just to take one class -- like Python?

Yes! We can construct an individualized learning path focused on just one topic and make sure that your child is placed in the most appropriate level of class.

+All this talk of “classes” -- is Empow still fun?

Yes! We believe that life-long STEM learning begins with discovering all that STEM includes and finding your areas of greatest passion and excitement. Our STEM-projects are both fun and challenging, and provide students with the total experience required for success in both the short and long term.

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