Apps that teach programming

Last week the Hour of Code event, promoted by, saw 545,538,657 lines of code written by students, with 16,542,168 people participating. Right, 16 million people – most of whom are presumably NOT professional programmers who do this every day! This is a monumental accomplishment. The event also generated veritable blizzard of related content. With tablets and phones traveling everywhere that kids are these days, we think that one of the lasting contributions is the wide selection of apps design to teach kids how to code. Here are two very useful write-ups that will help you find the right one for your age and level.

We tried several of them and were impressed, but we’re not playing favorites. We were shocked to discover that no similar kid-oriented apps exist for the Android!

The basic concepts of programming are not complicated. In fact, many preschoolers can master the challenges presented by some of the simpler apps in the list, such as Daisy the Dinosaur and Move the Turtle. The core programming concepts can even be taught without ever touching any device other than a pencil!

We think 2014 will be the year of code!

Have fun!