AQs with TNT Tara- Why Empow?

In the world of children’s programs, there are a lot of choices. Even within one area of specialty, such as cooking classes, art camps, or chess clubs, there are still a lot of choices when deciding on which company to sign up with. So it’s natural for parents and kids to wonder what makes Empow Studios special.

What I think is special about Empow programs is that we are child-centered. Kids lead the way in determining the direction of their projects and what they want to work on, and our Teachers provide the guidance and direction students need to be successful. Our staff takes the time to get to know students as individuals to better understand how that student learns, what supports they need, and what subjects spark their imaginations. When you hear us talking with kids about Dr. Who or the Red Sox, it’s not just because we’re fans of Dr. Who and the Red Sox (though we certainly are!)- we’re building a relationship with those children, getting to know their interests, developing trust, and helping them be comfortable and confident (we’re also consciously modeling healthy social relationships and interactions). Parents are our greatest allies in helping to understand what makes their kids tick and how we can help students work to the best of their abilities while having great experiences in our programs.

Empow is all about the kids, about providing a safe, welcoming environment where they can be comfortable trying new things, asking questions, and showcasing their work. Empow is about empowering students to make healthy choices, to discover and develop their passions, and to respect themselves and their communities.

And that’s what makes Empow Studios special!