AQs with TNT Tara- Typical Day at Empow Camp

Welcome to the first installment of AQs with TNT Tara! In this blog series I’ll provide detailed responses to questions I hear from kids, parents, teachers, staff, as well as random people I tell about my awesome job. You may be wondering what happened to the “F” in AQ. Well, questions don’t have to be frequently asked to warrant answering. Have a question about camps, classes, technology, teaching, or life, the universe and everything? Post it to our Facebook page! And without further ado, our first question.

What does a typical day at Empow camp look like?

We keep to a pretty regular (though flexible) schedule at Empow Camp. Posted daily schedules help students know what to expect from their day, manage their time, anticipate transitions (we give transition warnings as well- it’s easy to lose track when you’re engrossed in a project), and help kids get used to the rhythm of Empow Camp.

The first and last days of camp are a little different than the rest of the week; the first day involves orienting new campers to the program and breaking the ice with a new group, and the last day involves lots of fun group activities and projects. We might also add extra demos or games in the day depending on the week. But in general, our daily schedules tend to look something like this:


1. group games and activities

2. introductions, expectations, and tour

3. snack!

4. project and technology descriptions

5. project planning/start project

6. lunch! recess!

7. work on projects

8. software demonstration *

9. software activity

10. end-of day camper check ins

11. group game

12. home


Tuesday – Thursday

1. free time (campers can play board games, read, ease into the day)

2. work on projects

3. snack!

4. work on projects

5. lunch! recess!

6. work on projects

7. software demonstration*

8. software activity

9. camper project check ins

10. end-of day camper check ins

11. group game

12. home



1. free time

2. group activities

3. snack!

4. group activities

5. lunch! recess!

6. get space ready for Project Showcase

7. flash drive demo and testing

8. Project Showcase!

9. high-fives, congratulations and thank yous all around

10. home


And that’s what typical days at Empow camp look like!

Thank you for reading this installment of AQs with TNT Tara.


* Software is also taught throughout the day one-on-one and in small groups; the afternoon software demo is a camp-wide lesson.