Empow Partners with Smartick to Launch Pilot Math Program

After School Club Adds Online Math Tool

Lexington, MA
Empow Studios’ After School Club is known as a fun place for students to finish homework and get creative. Now, thanks to a new partnership with Smartick, Empow will be incorporating an online tool specifically designed to boost math skills.

The Smartick math program is described as an online enrichment tool that allows children to work at their own pace from anywhere they have access to a connected computer or tablet. In addition to helping parents promote the development of math skills by leveraging engaging interactive tools (PC or tablet), Smartick aims to improve a child’s self-confidence, discipline, study habits, ability to focus, and self-learning capabilities.

Smartick’s methodology incorporates global best practices of learning methodologies such as JUMP, Singapore Math, Jo Boaler, and traditional Japanese methods. It also combines findings from research conducted at leading learning institutions such as Harvard University and University of Chicago.

“STEM skills are essential today and kids who excel in math have a better chance of reaching their fullest potential,” says Conchi Ruiz, Smartick’s Vice President of Operations. “The Smartick application offers an individualized program and positive reinforcement to keep kids focused and learning.”

Leonid Tunik, Empow Studios Founder, views adding the online math tool as a good fit for the After School Club, which serves students in grades 2-8. “Kids love to design, build, and solve problems,” says Tunik. “When we challenge them to build robots or design video games and provide the tools to do it, kids get to create the things they imagine, they learn the real value and the fun of applying their math and science knowledge, and it motivates them to learn more.”

About Smartick
Smartick was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2009 with the goal of improving the teaching of mathematics to students ages 4-14.  Used in more than 52 countries globally, Smartick has helped students improve their math score results by 30-40 percent in official standardized tests. In 2015, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Smartick formed a strategic partnership in order to accelerate the expansion of Smartick into the North American market.  For more information, visit SmartickMethod.com. Prices range from $24 month/child to $49 month/child, depending on the number of children and subscription period. The Smartick app is available for iOS and Android.