Empow Studios is accepted into LearnLaunchX accelerator

In our past years, we’ve enjoyed a very committed and interested group of students and parents within the greater Boston area. Our ultimate goal, however, is to bring those little success moments with creative technologies to as many kids as possible, as often as possible. Today, we reached a new milestone in this direction by being accepted into the LearnLaunchX accelerator program. We’re starting the program today, and are thrilled about having a platform to “launch” our efforts on a larger scale and about being plugged into the rich ed-tech network that exists in Boston.

Our local operations will continue as they have in the past. We are also going to be seeking new locations, partners, and team members. If you’d like to work with us, please contact us.

LearnLaunchX is a startup accelerator based in Boston, MA focused on enabling education technology entrepreneurs to build and grow their startups into thriving companies.