Kids Explore Buoyancy and Drive Robots at Our Robotics Drop-In

Last weekend, Empow Studios hosted an afternoon of special robotics activities with the help of Aleph Bots, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team #8148. Kids had a blast experimenting with robots, exploring buoyancy, thinking about space and weight, and seeing all the cool things a competition robot can do.

The kids loved watching the competition robot, and a lucky few were able to drive it. The boat activity, during which kids made whatever sized boat they wanted out of aluminum foil and tested different combinations of weights and styles to find out what kinds of boats are the most effective. One child made a boat that could hold all of the screws and washers that were available!

The Aleph Bots are a robotics team representing Gann Academy in Waltham, MA in the FIRST Tech Challenge. They compete in multiple robotics competitions every year with a robot that they design, build and code themselves. FTC, a division of FIRST Robotics, is an international organization which facilitates robotics competitions for grades 7-12. Learn more about the team here.