Kids Get Creative at Empow Studio’s April Vacation Camp

Minecraft, Redstone, stick-figure animation, claymation, video game making… April session was full of creative mojo and fun.

As the week progressed, we moved from “what’s that” questions to working with programming MINDSTORMS NXT bricks, shooting stop-motion animation, designing levels for video games, and recording, editing, and mixing music as part of camper projects.

So just how creative can kids get?

This past week, we worked with some 40+ campers between our two locations at the Empow Studio in Lexington and at the JCC in Newton. Campers selected from a variety of projects available and worked at their own pace, either alone or as a team, with instruction, supervision and guidance from the teachers. The week culminated in a showcase of all the projects.

Here are examples of just a few of the many projects that were created during camp:

Minecraft Rube Goldberg with Redstone\u200b – Using Redstone ( a Minecraft element that is similar to electrical wire), a camper put together a Rube Goldberg structure resembling a roller coaster with switches that turn on lights and power generators, and ignite a fantastic display of fireworks.

Stick-Figure Animation – Working as a team, several campers used Stykz (a digital stick figure animation software) to tell stories about their daily schedule and an encounter with a prankster sending 404 errors.

Stop-Motion Animation with \u200bB\u200bionicles \u200b- In this animated video, a camper told the story of a conflict between two Bionicle characters. After throwing each other around, one stands tall as the victor, and the other one is literally washed up on shore.

And these are not necessarily examples of what “experienced” kids come up with, as more than 75% of this year’s campers were new to Empow’s programs.

Summer Camp is just on the horizon. With sessions throughout the summer in Belmont, Newton, Needham and Lexington, there are options available to fit your kids’ schedules. And while there’s still time to register, many of the sessions are quickly nearing capacity. You can find out more about the camp experience on our website, or give us a call (617-395-7527) with specific questions. What will your kids create this summer?