Celebrating Massachusetts STEM Week

Celebrating Massachusetts STEM Week 

This year’s Massachusetts STEM Week starts today October 18th! We are celebrating through October 22nd by sharing STEM facts and the amazing work our programs are doing to educate youth about STEM in a fun and engaging way.

The theme for STEM week is “See Yourself in STEM,” with a focus on the power of mentoring. This is the fourth annual statewide STEM week, bringing together schools, non-profit organizations, colleges, museums, and employers across Massachusetts, all working together to expose students to STEM and foster STEM enthusiasm. The “See Yourself in STEM” theme highlights the need for more young people to see themselves in STEM, particularly underrepresented youth.

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In the meantime, here are some interesting Massachusetts STEM facts!


STEM jobs are vital to the Massachusetts economy

STEM workers represent 17% of the total workforce in Massachusetts! Massachusetts ranks third for the highest STEM occupations.


STEM jobs are everywhere

Yes, STEM jobs are everywhere, even in some places you might not expect. STEM is in healthcare, computer and information technology, engineering, and sciences. Did we mention that STEM jobs are an important part of almost every industry in Massachusetts? 43% of jobs in the professional and technical sectors are STEM jobs and 36% of healthcare and information industry jobs are STEM jobs.


STEM jobs don’t always require years of schooling

Compared to other industries that often require several years of education, 20% of entry-level STEM jobs don’t require more than an associate’s degree or certificate, and 57% of entry-level STEM jobs in Massachusetts typically only require a bachelor’s degree. Even more, only 20% require a master’s degree. This means STEM jobs are more accessible to many populations without having to attend years of schooling before a career.


STEM pays well

The average annual salary in the STEM industry is $98,500 versus $62,110 for all occupations. Not to mention, the entry-level average STEM salary starts at $54,346 versus $27,190 for all occupations. This just goes to show that the industry is in high demand with better than average compensation.


Massachusetts is investing strongly in STEM industries

There are long-standing statewide programs that help businesses and give un-and-underemployed people pathways to employment. With these fundamental programs in place, it will only set Massachusetts up for a brighter future in STEM.


STEM will be even more important in Massachusetts in the future

All that investment is getting put to use! In the next 10 years, it is projected that 25% of total employment growth will be STEM jobs.


We are excited to be a part of this growing STEM industry in Massachusetts.

Stats and info gathered from Commonwealth Corporation.