Minecraft? Did You Say Minecraft?

Each season, we hear from campers, students (and parents) about particular technologies they would like to learn and projects that they would like to do. And we listen. Because chances are if some kids are interested, many kids are interested.

So what new technologies do we have in store for Summer Camp 2014? Read on to learn about Minecraft, 3D modeling, web page design, and more.


Minecraft enthusiasts can spend their days developing new worlds. Using third party software, students can quickly design and edit large land masses, create or re-make famous buildings, or use their imagination to construct a dream house in the sky! Worlds can be saved and played from home with a Minecraft account.

3D Modeling

Take art to a different dimension. Students can learn what it takes to design and model 3D objects for use in video games, animated movies, or printing! Using accessible software from industry standards (Autodesk, Pixologic), kids learn about the tools and skills required to take a project from concept to design.

3D/2D Animation

We’ve added new software to support our 2D animators, while also stepping into the realm of 3D animation. Animators will have the opportunity to create characters, design scenes, and direct movements and actions. We teach with freely available software so kids that are interested can practice at home.

Web Page Design

Interested in developing your online presence? Using powerful and fun, freely available software, students can (non-destructively) mash-up existing websites, edit and design projects from a variety of web templates, or construct their own web page from scratch.

Programming for Video Game Design

One main area of expansion in our game design curriculum includes support for the younger, aspiring programmers. Using freely available software, kids can learn how to design different kinds of games, or program characters to do their bidding! We’ve also added a variety of tools and resources to allow for better multi-platform support. Of course, these are all in addition to our current lineup of offerings: Animation, LEGO Robotics, Digital Audio/Video, Architecture, Video Game Design, and Music Production. Sound like a good time? Find out more or register for one of our technology-packed camp sessions.