Profiles: Junior Mentor Kreative Kayley

Kreative Kayley has been making amazing movies in our programs for years (check out her fantastic evil sloth project HERE on our YouTube channel). This summer she came to camp as a Junior Mentor, making her own project, but also spending time helping other students learn special software and filming techniques.

As a camper at Empow, my favorite things to do were always stop motion animation, digital art and digital music production. I also really loved meeting people my age with similar interests as me and the occasional snowball fight during the winter vacation camp.

My favorite part about being a Junior Mentor is getting to teach younger kids the same things I learned to love when I was their age. Empow gives kids the opportunity to try something new that normally they wouldn’t be familiar with. With all the choices in technology it’s not very hard to find your passion.

My hobbies include video production, collage making and watching Doctor Who and Sherlock from the BBC. I also really enjoy creative writing and hanging out with my friends.