Profiles: Teaching Assistant Andrew

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people that help make our programs so special. After years of coming to our summer programs, last year Andrew returned as a CIT and is joining us this year as a Teaching Assistant. He also put his talents to work in helping us create the new Video Game Design tutorials that debuted this spring.

When I was a camper, I loved the freedom to make a project about whatever I wanted. Once I understood the basics of Gamemaker, I could explore different kinds of games and become more creative. If there was a week I didn’t feel like using Gamemaker, I could go make a robot or an animation instead. I liked the fact that there were so many options I never got tired of coming back.


My favorite part of being a CIT last year was seeing how creative the campers were and watching their projects develop as the week went on. When they first entered the camp on Monday, most of them had no idea how to use the software, but by the end of the week they had created some amazing projects. I learned how easily the campers can quickly master a program like Gamemaker that they have never seen before, and I will always be amazed by what they can produce in five short days.

I might be biased about the new Gamemaker tutorials since I’ve worked on many of them, but I like them a lot more than the ones we used to use. The old ones made campers follow a step-by-step guide to make their game, and although there was room for some customization at the end, most of the games turned out very similar. With the new tutorials, the campers have a lot more room for creativity, and they will really be able to design the game they want. The tutorials exist to teach them the basic concepts of Gamemaker, and the campers will be able to decide how to incorporate those into their game.

This past school year, I was on my high school math team, which was a fun and challenging experience. I enjoyed working through difficult problems, harder than any I usually encounter. I also spent much of my year making the new Gamemaker tutorials for this summer, and I think they turned out really well. I hope they teach the campers how to use Gamemaker while still allowing a lot of freedom.