New! A Week of Code

We just couldn’t wait.

In advance of the national Hour of Code\u2122 – part of Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 8-14) – Empow Studios is offering kids a taste of coding with our own Week of Code. The goal? To get kids to think, create, and have a blast – all while learning some computer programming.

Starting on Wednesday, June 25, our single-day coding workshops feature:

  • Making an Android App with App Inventor;
  • Website “Hacking”/HTML;
  • Game Design in Python Programming;
  • Game Design with GameMaker Studio; and
  • GameMaker Language

We are also offering shorter (two- or three-hour) workshops on the weekend:

  • Game Programming 101 on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Programming 101, both taught in conjunction with Wolfram Research on Saturday; and
  • Learning Scratch Programming on Sunday.

Kids can sign up for individual workshops – or try them all! All Coding Week activities take place at Empow Studios, 1776 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington.

All the Details

App Inventor – Magic 8-Ball
Wednesday, June 25 9am-4pm
$75 | Grades 3+

Make an Android app and take it home to share with your friends.

In this one-day workshop, we show participants everything they need to know as they use MIT’s App Inventor to piece together apps. They’ll be getting our tablets shaking and speaking with examples like a magic 8-ball app and a mini golf game. Plus, we’ll help them start an app of their own.


(Workshop Canceled) Website “Hacking”/HTML

Thursday, June 26, 9am-4pm
$75 | Grades 4+

Game Design in Python Programming – No Experience Necessary!
Friday, June 27 9am-4pm
$75 | Grades 4+

Want a fun way to get started with games in Python? If you like Pong, Snake, Tetris or Pacman, and think you can make these games better, then this one-day workshop is for you.

Participants learn the basics of Python by looking at how these games work. Then, they start hacking (and improving) these games by changing their codes. No experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm!


Game Programming 101 on Raspberry Pi – Your own Pi Included!
Saturday June 28, 1pm-3pm
$65 (includes Raspberry Pi) | Ages 10 and up
Maximum Enrollment: 10; No experience necessary

Create a simple, personalized computer game in this fun and engaging two-hour workshop with instruction and guided hands-on activities designed for absolute beginners with no previous computer programming experience.

The workshop includes a hands-on introduction to the basics of computer programming using the Wolfram Language on a computer that is the size of a credit card, known as a Raspberry Pi. Participants will use these basic operations, with guidance from staff, to create a simple, personalized computer game that can be shared with friends. Come discover how to use a computer as a creative tool for the expression and exploration of personal interests. Each participant will bring home their personalized computer game AND the Raspberry Pi to continue their learning at home. This workshop is perfect for younger learners over the age of 10, but adults are welcome too!



(Workshop Canceled) Raspberry Pi Programming 101 – Your own Pi Included!
Saturday June 28, 4pm-7pm
$80 | Ages 14 and up
Maximum Enrollment: 10; No experience necessary

Scratch Programming Workshop
Sunday June 29, 4pm-6pm
$25 | Grades 1+

Who says kids can’t be programmers?

Using Scratch, kids (or beginners!) can program interactive stories, games, and animations. In this two hour workshop, participants learn the basics of programming while developing their own creation. If you can put together a puzzle you can program with scratch!


(Workshop Canceled) GameMaker Workshop: Flappy Bird
Monday June 30, 9am-4pm
$75 | Grades 3+

GameMaker Language
Tuesday July 1 9am-4pm
$75 | Gr 4+

Ready to move beyond drag-and-drop programming in GameMaker?

In this day long session, students will learn the basics of writing code in GameMaker’s coding language (GML). Students will learn how to use variables, functions, and typical programming statements to create their games. Basic knowledge of GameMaker is recommended but not required.


Note: These are the recommended age ranges. If your child is interested in a class but doesn’t meet the age requirements, feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your situation.