Class runs 2/2/20 – 4/5/20

An African proverb says “Alone we go faster, together we go farther.” This class is designed for those who are excited to take their robotics skills to the next level while working with a team, exploring advanced robotics concepts and preparing for robotics competitions. Throughout the 13-session program, the group will build and program advanced autonomous robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS platform and prepare for the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition.

Activities include:

  • Advanced programming in EV3 Mindstorms, build and program autonomous robots.
  • Master math blocks,control, loops and switches. Use gyro, color, ultrasonic & touch sensors effectively to navigate across the game mat, and code for line following.
  • Design your own functions using MyBlocks, and programming techniques to save time in competitions.
  • Build robots, design active and passive attachments. Learn about gearing up and down, bevel and spur gears, and gear ratios.
    Learn LEGO Pneumatic systems for passive attachments.

Session culminates in a timed Robotics Competition in the last class. Working in pairs, students will compete to get the max score in 2.5 minutes on the City Shaper game mat. The challenge is themed after the problems faced in public spaces in cities.

About the competition:

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students from ages 9–14, teams can have up to 10 members.

Each August, FIRST LEGO League introduces a scientific and real-world challenge. The robotics part of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots to complete tasks independently. Teams work out solutions to the various problems they are given and then meet for regional tournaments to share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.

February 2 @ 09:30
09:30 — 11:00 (1h 30′)


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