Class runs 1/28/20 – 3/31/20 (No class 2/18/20)

Were you ever fascinated by Boston Dynamics robo-beast? Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs are recreated for Jurassic Park? Or how animated structures jump out at you on a theme park ride?

It’s Animatronics! Animation + Robotics

Animatronics are robots that are meant to simulate some kind of life, and in many ways like the human-like robots you often see in science-fiction. Think monsters, dragons, magical creatures coming to life using motors, axles, beams, sensors to make it interactive.

Gear up for a class that combines engineering and programming using EV3 LEGO® MINDSTORMS. We teach the connection between code and physical action while kids work in pairs to create their robots. Sensors help the robot make autonomous decisions, and kids learn to code using movement, loops, switches, math blocks and more.

January 28 @ 15:15
15:15 — 16:45 (1h 30′)


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