Class runs 9/17/2019 – 12/10/2019 for 13 weeks.

Students in this program will work collaboratively to grasp an understanding of AI, where it’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and will actively participate in problem-solving and design-thinking activities, including the re-design of YouTube’s recommendation engine.

Learn to see technology as manipulable

  • See the AI you use and how it’s used in the world around you
  • Gain a technical understanding of an AI system
  • Understand how AI systems are situated in society

Be empowered to design with ethics in mind

  • Identify stakeholders in an AI system and their values
  • Identify tradeoffs with respect to these values in the system’s design
  • Leverage technical and design knowledge to respond to these tradeoffs

November 26 @ 17:00
17:00 — 19:00 (2h)


05, 06, 07, 08