Tech Clubs & Classes (Weekdays & Weekends)

Our Classes and Clubs are going virtual while schools are closed due to COVID-19. Check our BLOG for details.

Whether you’re interested in dabbling in STEM for the first time or joining an advanced game development team, Empow Studios has a wide variety of classes and clubs to choose from, spanning from ages 7-18. We structure our curriculum across three domains, Digital Art & Design, Engineering, and Computer Science. All of our classes fall in one or more of these technology domains, so depending on the interest of the student, there is a program for everyone!

Students building robots at Empow Studios

Club or Class...what's best for you?


Enroll anytime, and learn through projects at your own pace.

Clubs are recurring programs that run with a rolling admission and are designed to accommodate all skill levels and a wide range of ages. These tend to fall on the weekends, and are a great fit for students exploring there interests or want to work in a self-paced environment. Clubs allow individual students to learn at their own pace. This less formal structure is better for exploration, discovery, and individual or 2-partner projects.


Dive deep into specific skills through a multiple-week course

Classes tend to follow the school year term, with students grouped in specific skill levels. A class moves through projects at the same pace for everyone, focusing either on a team project or on specific learning scope and sequence. This structure is more effective for teacher-led instruction and collaboration among students. Classes span from beginner to advanced.