Coding Club details

Bridging the gap from Scratch to Java

Coding Club at Empow Studios is for kids who want to try their hand at creating games, animations, and applications by writing code. Club members will start with fundamental concepts using Scratch, an easy-to-understand, block-based, drag & drop coding language. Once kids are familiar with the basic concepts, we introduce Java, an industry standard language used in many of the applications running on your Android device, and in the 2nd best-selling video game of all time, Minecraft.

We run a number of coding programs throughout the year. Please see our class schedules below.

Boy coding in Scratch at Empow Studios

Our approach with Coding

Our curriculum is designed to include group activities, individual projects, and demos from our expert staff. This philosophy allows for mentorship and leadership opportunities among the Club members, while allowing each individual student to grow, learn, and have fun.

Students with no prior experience in coding start in Scratch. When they have accomplished learning objectives and have shown an understanding of programming fundamentals, we will see if they are interested in giving Java a try. We use Greenfoot, a user friendly tool that uses Java and Stride, and gives Scratch users a comfortable environment for coding. As they grow in their Java skills, students use BlueJ, a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Watch our video on coding to learn more about how we approach teaching coding to kids.

Additional Details

We provide all equipment necessary for the classes; Club members do not need to bring equipment. If they choose to bring equipment, they are responsible for damaged or lost items.


Please refer to our Policies page for more details. For our Studio Classes, we must receive a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the student’s last day in our program.

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