DIY Electronics Club

Create gadgets, make pranks, and build devices all through electronics

Members in DIY Electronics Club explore, design, and create projects with circuits & electronics. Learn the basics of electronics to put together your own gadgets. Use DC motors to make coffee stirrers and motorized fidgets. Use LDR’s to activate your gadgets like musical cards or motion-activated trip-wires. Dive into the world of physical computing with Arduino and learn to write sketches (programs). Interface a variety of sensors and design your own gadgets to prank friends for your next science project or to save the world! Projects to satisfy the crazy genius in you – light up Sneakers, spy cameras to catch the cookie thief, TV remotes, talking plush toys, piano staircases, and more!

Matt giving Private Lessons at Empow Studios

Schedule for DIY Electronics Club

Lexington DIY Electronics Club


This program is currently postponed for the Summer, with hopes of re-launch in Fall 2018.


Club membership requires a monthly payment of $95 through a credit card or bank account on file with Empow. Monthly payments are processed on the same calendar day that you sign up (Sept 12th, Oct 12th, Nov 12th, etc).

Empow provides all equipment for this club, but if members want to take home their projects, electronic kits can be purchased a la carte. The in-studio experience, however, is no different whether you purchase kits or not.


We offer a 10% discount for multi-class registrations, and our Weekend Tech Clubs are completely free to existing STEM After-School Club members.

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Our Approach with DIY Electronics Club

Our curriculum is designed to include group activities, individual projects, and demos from our expert staff. This philosophy allows for mentorship and leadership opportunities among the Club members, while allowing each individual student to grow, learn, and have fun.

DIY Electronics Club at Empow Studios is a combination of design, circuity, and programming. Watch our video on Building to learn more.

Additional Details

We provide all equipment necessary for the classes; Club members do not need to bring equipment. However, kids who purchase their own kits will be able to take home their projects, and may need to bring back certain components when necessary. All electronics projects are saved in our studio for a reasonable amount of time, but over time they will need to break them down and reutilize them for future projects.


Please refer to our Policies page for more details. For our Studio Classes, we must receive a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the student’s last day in our program.

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