Club or Class...what's best for you?


Enroll anytime, and learn through projects at your own pace.

Clubs are recurring programs that run with a rolling admission and are designed to accommodate all skill levels and a wide range of ages. These tend to fall on the weekends, and are a great fit for students exploring their interests or who want to work in a self-paced environment. Clubs allow individual students to learn at their own pace. This less formal structure is better for exploration, discovery, and individual or 2-partner projects.


Dive deep into specific skills through a multiple-week course

Classes tend to follow the school year term, with students grouped in specific skill levels. A class moves through projects at the same pace for everyone, focusing either on a team project or on specific learning scope and sequence. This structure is more effective for teacher-led instruction and collaboration among students. Classes span from beginner to advanced.

Discounts for Lexington STEM Clubs & Classes

Families get a 5% discount if they sign up for more than one class or club! This excludes the STEM After School Club, which has its own member benefits.

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