Minecraft Club details

Grab your pickaxe and get ready….

Join your fellow Minecraftians for a weekly class of game design, world creation, exploration, and modding madness! When it comes to discovery and education within Minecraft, the options are truly limitless. We stress designing, building, and creating as opposed to strictly ‘playing’ the game. We encourage growth and learning through the Minecraft platform, which engages children to learn because of their love for Minecraft. Club members will work with scripting, landscape design, modding, command blocks, architecture, and more. These techniques will enable kids to experiment with coding techniques, work together to create a LAN game, design and build mechanical devices, and learn about different types of automation, all in a virtual world for real-world applications.

We run a number of Minecraft programs throughout the year. Please refer to our class schedules below.

Empow student during Minecraft Club

Our approach with Minecraft

Our curriculum is designed to include group activities, individual projects, and demos from our expert staff. This philosophy allows for mentorship and leadership opportunities among the Club members, while allowing each individual student to grow, learn, and have fun.

When Minecraft Club members are in our servers, we have rules set in place to make sure that Minecraft is only used as a creative platform. Teachers monitor projects and student interactions to make sure that learning and growth are the goals. Discussion, planning and respect of others are encouraged, and behaviors like violence and griefing are extremely discouraged.

Student Projects in Minecraft


We lead group projects that utilizes each student’s creativity and participation within the Minecraft platform. Whether it’s designing a new world or building a Rube Goldberg Machine, kids use social skills and teamwork to engage and learn with friends.


Minecraft Club members will learn the basics of architectural design that bring their creative visions to life. Whether it’s structural planning for a house, economizing resource use, or designing a roller coaster, Minecraft is an outlet for a child’s imagination.

Electrical Design

Redstone in Minecraft allows Club members to learn about electrical design and adding movement to their structures. We walk through examples of Redstone-powered devices to bring electronics and electrical design to each individual student.

Additional Details

Each Club member will have access to an Empow Minecraft account, but they are welcome to use their own personal account as well. We provide all equipment necessary for the classes; Club members do not need to bring equipment.


Please refer to our Policies page for more details. For our Studio Classes, we must receive a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the student’s last day in our program.

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