Robotics & Gadgets Club

If building, constructing, and crafting is your thing, then this is for you!

Almost all inventions have to have some tangible form. Whether it’s a machine, a circuit, a piece of art, or a even a simple tool. Building projects is all about defining what needs to be done, and finding clever, reliable, and awesomely effective machines to make it happen. This used to be very challenging, but today, with innovative technology and tools, anyone…and that means ANYONE, can build, because all you really need is an imagination.

During Robotics & Gadgets Club, you can start building to bring your imaginations to life. Build cute robotic animals, battle with robotic vehicles, design bridges & structures, and tinker with Arduino and circuits to make spy gear, gadgets, prank machines, and more.

Robotics & Gadgets Club details

Newton Robotics & Gadgets Club


Classes are every Monday-Friday, from 4:30pm-6:00pm. Students may want to sign up for more than one day of this club. Our curriculum is project-based and kids learn at their own pace. The club has rolling admission, so new students can join at any time.


Club membership requires a monthly payment of $95 through a credit card or bank account on file with Empow. Monthly payments are processed on the same calendar day that you sign up (Sept 4, Oct 4, Nov 4, etc).


We offer a 10% discount if you attend two or more of our Tech Clubs, or if you attend this club on multiple weekdays. We offer Tech Clubs everyday in our Newton Studio. To see all of our Tech Club offerings, please visit our Clubs & Classes page here.

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Our Teaching Approach: Robotics & Gadgets Club

Our curriculum is designed to include group activities, individual projects, and demos from our expert staff. This philosophy allows for mentorship and leadership opportunities among the Club members, while allowing each individual student to grow, learn, and have fun.

Each child’s accomplishments are acknowledged in a way that is motivating, lasting, and flexible through the use of badges. When entering an Empow program, the kids will get an overview of how badges are awarded. We think they will enjoy explaining this system to you when they come home from the program. Badges awarded when kids complete tracks in specific technologies, and are also awarded for leveling-up in cross-disciplines, including secret unlockable badges!

To learn more about our Teaching Approach & Curriculum, visit our Talent Box page here.

During an Empow Studios Summer STEM Camp, an Empow Studios camp counselor works with kids on their 3D modeling projects

Additional Details

Each Club member will be able to create projects in the studio, and then take them home through our online digital platform, to share with family and friends. We provide all equipment necessary for the classes; Club members do not need to bring equipment.


Please refer to our Policies page for more details. For our Studio Classes, we must receive a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the student’s last day in our program.

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