Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages can enroll?

robot_green_iconWe are currently accepting children in grades 2 through 8. Older children with special learning needs, or younger children who are gifted may be accepted on a case by case basis. In general, we expect at least a 2nd-grade level of social maturity and reading skills. Please write to us with requests for exceptions, or if you would like us to expand our age range in the future.

“Is there a minimum number of blocks I need to sign up for?”

No minimum, but Thursday, which is a long day due to the Lexington early release schedule, consists of two sessions, 12-3 and 3-6:30. Tuesday is the long day in Newton consisting of 2 sessions. If you need coverage for both, please select both blocks.

“How much does it cost?”

Pricing per day varies based on the number of session your child attends, as follows:

  • Single session: $160/month
  • Two sessions: $275/month
  • Three sessions: $340/month
  • Four sessions: $435/month
  • Five sessions: $515/month
  • Six sessions: $560/month

The price of the program is based on 180 school days and is broken down into 10 payments scheduled on the 1st of each month. For children who join mid-year, we prorate the yearly cost accordingly.

“How does my child get to the After-School Club?”

Getting to our location, either in Lexington or Newton, couldn’t be any easier. Transportation options include Lexpress, private buses, private ride-shares, and public transport.

We currently have an after school bus from all 6 Lexington Elementary schools. The yearly prices for that program are as follows:
1 ride/wk: $300
2 rides/wk: $350
3 rides/wk: $400
4 rides/wk: $450
5 rides/wk: $500

In Newton, we are partnered with the ride-share company, Sheprd.

“What happens if school is not in session on a day that my child is scheduled to attend?”

Since our program is tied closely to the Lexington and Newton Public School schedules, our after school programs are closed on the days when those Public School Districts are closed, including national holidays. We do recognize the need for care during these days, so we provide NanoCamps at a discounted rate to the After School Club Members.

Empow Studios may be closed on some holidays. Check in with us to get a copy of our After School Club Calendar for each location.

In the event that school is closed due to inclement weather, Empow Studios closes as well for the safety of our staff and students. If your child misses a block due to a snow day, we are happy to allow them to attend a make-up block, subject to availability.

“What happens if my child misses a day due to illness?”

robot_green_iconIf your child misses a scheduled block due to illness or a family emergency, you can request to have him or her attend a make-up block, subject to availability.

“Is there an enrollment fee? Termination fee?”

No, and No. However, please be advised that for administrative purposes, we do require 30 days notice for canceling a membership. There is a small fee for putting a membership on hold.

“What if my child or I don’t like the program?”

During your first month of enrollment (30 days from first attendance), you can cancel your membership at any time and you will receive a refund, pro-rated according to the number of sessions attended. No cancellation fee will be applied.

After 30 days, we will require a 30-day notice for all cancellations or significant reductions in schedule.

Please note, that if you do not notify us within 30 days of a schedule change, be it a cancellation or putting a membership on hold, your credit card will be processed as scheduled.

“What activities are part of the program?”

robot_green_iconThroughout the program we will use 30-minute blocks to offer small-group instruction that fits the interests of the particular group on any given day. Students work individually on assignments within their TalentBox, but we also use monthly group projects to help build teamwork and social skills.

Other activities include puzzles, gadgets, smart toys, social games, and books, and self-paced learning using our library of curated materials.

“Are students grouped by age?”

robot_green_iconIt depends. For some activities, like homework, students are grouped by class, if possible. Others, such as small-group instruction, we group students by interest, ability, and experience. For competition teams, students will be grouped by age depending on competition rules. Many activities are individual, and others involve the whole group.

“Can I bring a friend?”

Yes! Each membership entitles you to 5 buddy passes. A buddy pass entitles one friend to a single 1-day visit. Your child’s friend can only attend the After School Club once using a buddy pass.

“Is there a discount for other programs?”


Club members at any level can join any weekend club at the Lexington Studio for FREE! ($80-$480 value). All they need to do is register.

In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on all February & April Vacation Camps and a $45 discount on NanoCamps.

The 10% discount does not apply to Summer Camp sessions, as they do not correspond with the time frame of the After School Club Membership. In addition, programs administered by partner organizations, such as Park & Recreation facilities or other after-school programs, are not applicable.

“What is the student-to-staff ratio?”

Our staff ratio fluctuates between 6 and 10 students per adult teacher, depending on the activity. Some activities may involve a larger group, others may include Teaching Assistants who are high school students or older.

“Who are the After-School teachers?”

robot_green_iconPlease see our Team page for the teachers’ background. We pride ourselves on hiring people who are equally competent in child education/development and technology. We support our staff with continuous professional education. All staff is CORI and SORI-checked, and there will always be someone available with First Aid and CPR training.

“As a parent, how will I know what my child does during the After-School Club?”

robot_green_iconYour child has a unique 7-digit code to log in to our TalentBox system. You can access their files from home and download them to see progress throughout the year. Students can even keep working on these from home if you have access to the software they were using. If your child forgets his code, just email or give us a call and we can send it right away!

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