Lexington YouTube Club

YouTube Club

formerly known as ‘Directors Club’

Go behind the scenes and create animations, shoot video, and produce music

Lights, Camera, ACTION! YouTube Club at Empow Studios is a team-based studio crew where kids are actors, directors, producers, and artists! Kids team up into small groups and tackle different genres of film to create mini-movies broadcasted on our YouTube channel. The YouTube Club has their own specific playlist so friends and family can stay up to date on their kids’ movies. As they dive right into storyboarding and writing scripts, students will learn techniques in editing video, shooting live-action shots, and producing music-for-film. There are tons of ways to create awesome movies and YouTube clips and this club covers them all – stop-motion animation, digital animation, video production, music production, sound design, and more!

YouTube Club is open for registration! This club is open for kids in grades 2-8.

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