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Bringing a STEM initiative to your school with Empow staff, curriculum, and systems.

Teachers and administrators have realized the need for integrating STEM into their regular school day, but the implementation of an impactful STEM program is not an easy task. Finding skilled teachers at an affordable salary, curating the right curriculum, and then assessing how students are progressing to meaningful outcomes – these are all big challenges. This is where Empow Studios comes in.

Using our Resident Teacher Program, we can deliver an end to end STEM initiative that aligns with your goals as a school. We assign an expert teacher, leverage our Talent Box learning platform, and provide thought leadership to recommend best practices in classroom environment, tools, and buy-in from the staff, parents, and students.

Empow Studios teacher helps student work on 3D model at Dearborn STEM Academy

Our Teaching Approach

Teaching STEM to a student sounds great, but it’s most effective if kids channel their inner curiosity and creativity, so they can feel empowered and confident to create anything that their heart & mind desires. Our approach is through playful learning. We strive to make subjects like computer science, mechanical engineering, and digital art tailored to what they know and love – video games, robots, animations, custom-designed 3D models, cool apps, and more. Interested in how we do this? Watch our videos below.

Art & Design



What we teach

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Video Game Design

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3D Modeling & Printing

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Audio Production

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Virtual Reality

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