Outreach programs across Massachusetts

Classes & Workshops in your community

Every term, we teach at around 60 organizations across the state. It’s our goal to reach as many communities as we can to bring STEM enrichment to a local school, library, parks & recreation center, community center, private business, and community education department.

Classes tend to focus on one subject area, and last anywhere from 8-14 weeks. These are held before school, during school, or after-school.

Workshops are single sessions, and generally last 90-120 minutes each, where kids complete a more manageable project.

Camps are taught throughout Massachusetts during February vacation, April vacation, and Summer. Please visit our Camp page for camp locations & details.

Video Game Design at Empow Studios

2018 Winter Outreach Programs

Acton – Boxborough

Conant School – Java Coding
Gates – Video Game Design (before-school)
McCarthy-Towne Elementary School – Scratch


Dallin – Video Game Design
Thompson – Video Game Design
Fox Library – Workshop in LEGO Robotics


Lt Job Lane School – Stop Motion Animation


Roger E. Wellington School – Scratch
Burbank – Workshops in Stop Motion Animation (x3)


Warren Prescott – Video Game Design
German International School of Boston – Stop Motion Animation
Kingsley Montessori School – Girls STEAM Club & LEGO Robotics
British International School of Boston – Video Game Design & Robotics “Skill Lessons”
Torit Montessori – Video Game Design
Boston Public Library, Lower Mills branch – Workshops in Video Game Design (x2) & 3D Modeling and Printing


Baker – Video Game Design
Devotion Lower School – Video Game Design, Digital Storytelling, LEGO Animation
Devotion Upper School – LEGO Robotics
Runkle School – Minecraft, Stop Motion Animation, Video Game Design
Pierce School – Digital Animation & Video Game Design
Amos A. Lawrence School – Animation & Video Game Design
Heath School – Tech & Coding Club gr. 2-4 & Tech & Coding Club gr. 5-8
Driscoll – Minecraft


Amigos School – LEGO Robotics & Video Game Design
Cambridge Montessori School – Scratch & Stop Motion Animation
Cambridgeport School (Elm St. Community School) – Stop Motion Animation & Video Game Design
Graham & Parks School (Linnaean St. Community School) – LEGO Robotics & Scratch Computer Programming


Gleason Library – Workshop in Video Game Design


Concord Main Library – Workshop in Digital Animation
Fowler Library – Workshops in Scratch & Video Game Design


Chickering Elementary School – 3D Modeling & Printing (gr 1-2) & 3D Modeling & Printing (gr 3-5)


McAuliffe Library branch – Workshop in Video Game Design


Leominster Library – Workshop in Video Game Design


Of course… we have classes every day at Empow Studios on Mass Ave! After School Club, Weekend Clubs, and more.


Lincoln Rec – Video Game Design


Pollard Library – Workshops in 3D Modeling and Printing, Scratch


Milton Public Library – Workshop in LEGO Robotics


Morse Institute Library – Workshops in 3D Modeling and Printing, Electronic Music Production


Eliot – 3D Modeling & Printing
Mitchell – 3D Modeling & Printing
Newman – 3D Modeling & Printing
Pollard – Digital Animation & Video Game Design
Tobin Beaudet Club 1458 – Workshops in Electronic Music Production, LEGO Animation, LEGO Robotics, Scratch, Stop Motion Animation, Video Game Design


Solomon Schechter Day School – Scratch
…and of course we run a number of programs out of our NEW Newton Studio.


Norwell Library – Workshop in Scratch


Reading Public Library – Video Game Design workshop


Sudbury Rec – Scratch & Video Game Design


Tewksbury Library – Workshop in 3D Game Design in Unity


Watertown Library – Workshop in Video Game Design


Weston Recreation – 3D Modeling and Printing & Minecraft


Kids Corner – Video Game Design & Scratch