Outreach Programs Across Massachusetts

Classes & Workshops in your community

Every term, we teach with 60+ organizations across the state. It’s our goal to reach as many communities as we can to bring STEM enrichment to a local school, library, parks & recreation center, community center, private business, and community education department.

Classes tend to focus on one subject area, and last anywhere from 8-14 weeks. These are held before school, during school, or after-school.

Workshops are single sessions, and generally last 90-120 minutes each, where kids complete a more manageable project.

Camps are taught throughout Massachusetts during February vacation, April vacation, and Summer. Please visit our Camp page for camp locations & details.

Camper doing Video Game Design at Empow Studios

2019 Winter Outreach Programs

Acton – Boxborough

Parker Damon Building – Tuesday before-school: Minecraft
Conant – Wednesdays: Digital Animation


Stratton – Mondays: Digital Animation
Peirce – Mondays: Video Game Design
Dallin – Tuesdays: Digital Animation
Fidelity House – Fridays: Minecraft Modding


Lane School – Wednesdays: Digital Animation
Davis School – Thursdays: Digital Storytelling


Wellington School – Mondays: Digital Animation / Fridays: Video Game Design


Billerica Library – Electronic Music Production workshop (3/6)

Boston (all neighborhoods)

Warren Prescott School – Thursdays: Scratch
Kingsley Montessori School – Wednesdays: Building & Engineering Club and Coding Club
British International School of Boston – Thursdays: Video Game Design
Torit Montessori School – Thursdays: Scratch, Video Game Design, Animation, LEGO Robotics


Thayer – Fridays: Video Game Design


Coolidge Corner School – Mondays: Digital Storytelling & LEGO Robotics / Fridays: Coding Club gr 2, Coding Club gr 3-5
Runkle School – Tuesdays: LEGO Robotics & 3D Modeling / Fridays: Video Game Design & Minecraft
Pierce School – Thursdays: Scratch & Digital Animation
Lawrence School – Tuesdays: LEGO Robotics & Digital Architectural Design
Driscoll – Wednesdays: Minecraft
Heath School – Tuesdays: Tech & Coding Club gr. 2-4


Amigos School (Amigos Community School) – Mondays: Coding Club and Digital Arts & Design Club
Cambridgeport School (Elm St. Community School) – Thursdays: Electronic Music Production & Video Game Design
Graham & Parks School (Linnaean St. Community School) – Wednesdays: Building & Engineering Club / Fridays: Video Game Design
Haggerty School (Haggerty Community School) – Fridays: Video Game Design & Scratch
Cambridge Montessori School – Mondays: Coding Club


Fowler Library Branch – Minecraft Redstone workshop (1/8), Video Game Design workshop (3/26)


Chickering – Thursdays: Video Game Design & Scratch


Hudson Library – Minecraft workshop (1/9)


Leominster Library – Stop Motion Animation workshop (1/7)


Of course… we have classes every day at Empow Studios on Mass Ave! STEM After School Club, Weekend Clubs, one-day NanoCamps, and more.


Lincoln Recreation – Scratch


Needham Library – 3D Video Game Design in Unity (1/7)
Mitchell School – Mondays: Video Game Design
Newman School – Tuesdays: Electronic Music Production
Eliot School – Wednesdays: Video Game Design


Newton Montessori School – Fridays: Video Game Design & Scratch
…and of course we run a number of programs out of our Newton Studio.


Norwell Library – Digital Animation workshop (1/7)


Reading Recreation – Tuesdays: Video Game Design
Reading Library – Scratch workshop (2/12), Digital Storytelling (3/19), Electronic Music Production workshop (3/28)


Saugus Library – LEGO Animation workshop (1/24)


Pine Hill – Wednesdays: Video Game Design & Minecraft Animation


Sudbury Recreation – Tuesdays: Digital Animation & Video Game Design


Hastings School – Mondays: Video Game Design


Weston Recreation – Tuesdays: Digital Animation & Scratch


Hanlon – Video Game Design

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