Profiles: Teaching Assistant Derpy Darby

As a long-time camper in our summer programs, Derpy Darby has put her creative talents to use in countless projects, including the classic claymation “Mermaid’s Treasure”, posted HERE on on Student Showcase page. This year Darby has joined our staff team as a Teaching Assistant.


As a camper, Empow was the only camp I liked. I loved the options it gave and I loved to have the ability to choose what you wanted to do. I love the staff and everyone is always friendly and accepting. I felt at home at Empow.

I love working with kids and helping them on their projects. I love seeing them happy and I think it’s great to help kids get creative. They really enjoy themselves and they’re a pleasure to work with.

In my spare time, I work with clay and make figurines. I also draw a lot and I love theater. I read comics all the time and like anyone I enjoy going online, but also enjoy going outside with friends and being active.

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