3D Arts & Architecture Expedition

Tech & Design Path

For kids entering grades 6-8

Does your child have a budding interest in architecture, construction or engineering buildings and structures? Or, are they more interested in sculpting, 3D art, and 3D printing? We’ve got the camp for you! In this program, campers will explore three essential and complementary ways to design in three dimensions. We’ll start with Tinkercad, where we will apply the concept of Constructive Solid Geometry towards designing a solid, often linear and symmetrical object — such as furniture, wrench or chess piece. Next, we’ll build in virtual clay, using Sculptris, and gain exposure to conceiving of 3D rounded surfaces as a collection of flat triangles or other polygons (mesh geometry). And, third, we will explore larger 3-dimensional spaces, with both internal and external design elements, by architecting houses using Sweet Home 3D. Our last step will be to integrate all three projects by adding our sculpture and designed object into our house. By week’s end, campers will have 3D prints from their Tinkercad or Sculptris projects, and walk-through videos of their architectural design, as well as their design files so they can continue refining their projects at home!

Prerequisites: None

Available: On Campus Full-Day 9am-4pm; LIVE Virtual Full-Day 9am-4pm; Half-Day 9am-12pm or 1-4pm

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