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Empowering Girls In STEAM Education

Girls… They’re awesome problem solvers, creators, designers, and collaborators. So why is it that girls claimed only 19% of all bachelor’s degrees in engineering and 18% in computer science in 2014? It’s our mission to change these trends and empower girls to design, make, and create amazing projects in design and coding. Our project-based curriculum will put girls’ curiosity, creativity, and storytelling powers to the test!

Our goal is to inspire girls to use their confidence and unique skills to make big leaps in art and technology. We invite guest speakers to nurture girls’ natural ambition, and design curriculum to teach girls 21st century skills that will last a lifetime.

Check out our programs for more information on how we can help empower girls in your community.

Girls at Empow Studios

Recent studies speak for themselves

  • 74% of teen girls are interested in STEM 1
  • In 2013, just 12 percent of engineers and 26 percent of computing professionals were women 2
  • Many science and engineering occupations are predicted to grow faster than the average rate for all occupations, and some of the largest increases will be in engineering and computer-related fields in which women currently hold one-quarter or fewer positions3

Girl Programs at Empow Studios

Download the resources

1Generation STEM (Girls Scouts of the USA, 2012)

2Solving the Equation (AAUW analysis of U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014b)

3Science and Engineering Indicators (National Science Board, 2010).

Girls STEAM Club

Our Girls STEAM Club tries to bring some balance to the world by exploring coding and engineering through projects in animation, robotics, 3D modeling, fashion, and design. Our female teachers will build the group’s confidence and knowledge with a new challenge each week, giving the group a taste of a wide variety of technologies. No prior experience is required.

The Girls STEAM Club meets every weekend at our Lexington & Newton Studios.

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Girl Scouts Workshops

We hold workshops to help girls scouts obtain badges in Digital Art, Science & Technology, and Innovation. Please inquire below and a team member will help you book a workshop in your community or at our Lexington Studio.

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