Exploring the Arts at Empow Studio.What’s a drop-in?

Drop-ins are 2-hour sessions that offer a chance to use our unique and inspiring Studio for your projects. It’s a chance to explore, tinker, freebuild, design, and play. It’s also a chance to take care of your homework in a place where you can get support, ideas, and study resources. It’s a place where you can relax, hang out with your fellow Empow members and use our media library.

Drop-in time does not involve active teaching by Empow staff, it is a self-guided time. If you have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them, but we save our teaching time for classes and other programs.

Drop-ins can be done as a family time with parents, or without. If the child is unaccompanied by parents, we require registration 24 hrs prior to the session. All visitors will be asked to complete our general drop-in orientation before using the facilities, and some activities may require a special orientation or introductory classes to be completed (e.g. 3D printer, robotics, and audio equipment).

*Starting June 22nd until Sept 12th, Camp Season will be in effect and we cannot run drop-ins, parties or workshops during that period.

What can I do in a drop-in session?

Drop-ins are a great time to:

  • Experiment with Snap Circuits
  • Use one of our laptops to create digital art, design 3D models, run digital simulations with bridge designs, mix audio tracks
  • Sculpt with clay or craft various materials for an animation project
  • Make a stop motion animation movie
  • Use 3D printer (class required prior to use)
  • Free-build with LEGO and LEGO Technic
  • Papercraft airplanes
  • Draw, doodle, write, read, bead
  • play board games
  • catch up on homework


Drop-ins are offered on weekends.

For 2014 – 2015, drop-ins will be available until June 22nd.

Drop-ins will re-open in the fall starting September 12th, 2015, and will be available through June of 2016:

  • Mondays – Fridays: Closed
  • Saturdays & Sundays: 12:30pm – 2:30pm


Please consult our Calendar for any last-minute changes to this schedule. Please note: there will be no drop-ins the weekend before and the weekend after school vacation camps.


The drop-in fee is $15/child per session. Once you check in, you can stay for the entire session or leave early.

Contact Us

Questions about drop in sessions? Please get in touch with us

Contact Us


  • Age 7 and younger must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/caregiver at all times. Drop-ins with a parent do not require registration.
  • Ages 8 and above are eligible to be dropped off without parent/caregiver.
  • Whatever area you are working in during the drop-in must be returned to its original state by the end of the session, that is – attendees are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • You can only use equipment and materials that are not being currently used for a class.
  • Your own materials, toys, and equipment are allowed, but we are not responsible for its safety or condition.
  • LEGO and other equipment may not be taken home.
  • Reasonable amounts of crafts and paper materials can be taken home.
  • Sharing of available resources with other drop-in visitors is a must.
  • Visitors who do not respond to staff requests or are repeatedly disruptive to classes or other visitors will be asked to leave.


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