Empow Studios Referral Program

In today’s world of digital marketing and social media, it is still “Word of Mouth” that is our most important channel for meeting new families. We want to say thank you when you refer our programs to a friend, and we want to encourage families to continue to do so throughout their whole family network. Empow is a welcoming environment to meet new friends, but there’s nothing like having your child bring a friend to a program, as they start brainstorming all of the limitless project ideas they can work on together.

Empow Studios, in partnership with KiwiCo, is offering a Referral Program that rewards both referrers and referees for introducing new families to an Empow Studios program (see qualified programs here). Each family will receive a free KiwiCo STEAM crate of their choice. Crates are delivered once a month, so families will have to sign up via a monthly subscription, but can opt-out at anytime. For families who recommend multiple new families, we will give you the equivalent amount of KiwiCo crates! The more the better 🙂

Got your KiwiCo coupon code? Claim your reward!
Empow Studios campers pose with their custom robot creation using LEGO EV3 Robotics

How it works

KiwiCo partners with Empow Studios for referral program
  1. Recommend a family who has never been to Empow to join a qualified program by using your unique referral code
  2. Once the family registers for a program and cites your referral code, we’ll send you and the family unique coupon codes for KiwiCo
  3. Navigate to our KiwiCo landing page, and pick a crate of your choice (ages 0-16+)
  4. Use our coupon code to register for KiwiCo, and redeem your free crate!

Any subscriptions that you join with KiwiCo are subject to KiwiCo’s terms & conditions, which include that you can cancel anytime.

Got your KiwiCo coupon code? Claim your reward!

Referral Program FAQs

What are the qualified programs?


  • Vacation & Summer Camp (generally week-long programs)

Gifts are only redeemable if they are attended for the duration of the program.

Recurring programs

  • After School Club
  • Clubs & Classes

Gifts are only redeemable if they are attended for at least one month.

When do I get my gift?

We send out the coupon codes after your child has attended the required amount of time in the program as stated above.

How do I get my referral code?

Upon the launch of the Empow Studios Referral Program (June 2019), we have an email to all customers with this information. After registering for a program, you will also receive your referral code to pass to your family network.

I’ve received my coupon code for KiwiCo. How long will it last?

Each KiwiCo coupon code lasts for one year, so make sure you use it up!

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