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Classes are typically 1 hour and span 8 to 13 weeks. Workshops are typically 2 hours and are scheduled in libraries or during school hours. We can help you determine which program is best for your organization and the range of student’s ages and interests among your members. Empow Studios provides all equipment and curriculum necessary to run these programs.

Video Game Design

Go from gamer to designer. Kids love playing video games, but they have even more fun playing games designed by them and their friends! One of our most popular classes, Video Game Design encompasses storytelling, pixel art, and object-oriented programming, all through a user-friendly, 2D game design platform. Our non-violence policy keeps the games cringe-free and shareable once the kids bring their games home for you to play!

Stop-Motion Animation

With movies like Frozen, Inside Out, and Zootopia, animations have never been more popular. This class takes one form of animation, Stop-Motion Animation, and teaches kids how to create their own animated mini-movies through storyboarding, filming, and post-production. Materials like clay and paper are used to create characters, backgrounds, and props. Children work in pairs and depict their stories to show setting, rising action, conflict, and resolution. Once characters and backgrounds are made, students use computers, webcams and animation software to bring their stories to life! Movies are available to take home to share with family & friends.

LEGO Animation

Bring your kid’s love for LEGO to the big screen! Our expert instructors work with students to develop story­telling skills, learn animation software, and capture the action of their LEGO movies. After filming, students work on the post­production process to add titles, transitions, sounds, and music to make their movies complete! Movies are available to take home to share with family & friends.

Scratch Computer Programming

Scratch the surface of programming with Scratch! Developed by M.I.T, Scratch is one of the most engaging ways to teach kids to code. Students learn the basics of computer programming by arranging puzzle-like blocks into lines of code in a drag-&-drop graphical interface. Possible projects include video games, animations, simulators, and even role-playing games. After the class, projects are shared with family and friends, and kids can continue to work on their projects from home. Internet access desired.

LEGO® Robotics

Gear up for a class that combines engineering and programming using EV3, the newest generation of LEGO® MINDSTORMS. Our instructors teach the connection between code and physical action while kids work in pairs to create robots that walk, drive, and play music. Sensors help the robot make autonomous decisions, and kids learn to code using movement, loops, switches, and more.


Grab a pickaxe and join your fellow Minecraftians for a class in design challenges. Our instructors teach the fundamentals of electrical engineering using Redstone, a special kind of element that mimics electricity almost perfectly. As they master their Redstone skills, we teach key concepts in programming, architecture, and pixel art, all while using teamwork and social skills. It’s the perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity. All students must play in “Creative Mode,” and must follow our rules of respect. Internet access is required.

3D Modeling & Printing

You might have seen a 3D printer, but have you ever created your own 3D model? In this class, students develop their spatial and artistic abilities while using modern tools to create printer-ready 3D models. Kids learn modeling by starting with a base mesh, and finish with a fully realized sculpture. Our instructor then prints 3D models at our home studio in Lexington, and brings the models back to the kids before the session is complete. Internet access desired.

3D Video Game Design

Game systems like PS4, XBOX One, and Wii U are opening endless possibilities in 3D game design. 3D is tricky, even for adults, but kids can now create their own simple games using Unity, a leading platform in 3D game design. Kids start by learning to move around in a virtual 3D environment, then move on to designing a 3D world for their stories and programming character control. Games can be shared with friends & family for at-home beta-testing!

NEW! Coding in Java

For kids who want to try their hand at creating games, animations, and applications by writing code. Students will start with fundamental concepts using Scratch, an easy-to-understand, block-based, drag & drop coding language. Once kids are familiar with the basic concepts, we introduce Java, an industry standard language used in many of the applications running on your Android device, and in the 2nd best-selling video game of all time, Minecraft.

NEW! Electronic Music Production

All of the music you hear today on the radio or in the movies need electronic components. Whether or not you’ve played an instrument before, this class will introduce you to becoming the audio engineer. Lead by an expert teacher, students will work with a digital audio workstation using loops, samples, virtual instruments, and MIDI controllers, as their compositions start to come to life. After students lay down their individual tracks, they’ll learn about mixing techniques including equalizers, panning, and filters, to augment their sounds and finalize their tunes.

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