The most awarded STEM summer camp
in Massachusetts is now even better!

See what’s new and hip for 2020

Even More Locations

To better serve students’ academic development—and to be even more convenient for parents—we’ve added four new locations in Arlington, Jamaica Plain, Needham, and Somerville.

Crystal Clear Program Descriptions

We realize that when you offer as many choices and flexible options as we do, it can be overwhelming. While we are now offering even more programs, we are also providing clearer program descriptions. These descriptions clarify what learning results each camp experience delivers. Together, you and your child can select the ideal programs with certainty that they will be spending their time where intended.

Graduation & Showcases

Our students create amazing projects and they are always excited to blow your mind with what they have learned and accomplished. We are now hosting a formalized Friday afternoon graduation and showcase that parents are encouraged to attend. Trust us, you’ll be excited to see the results.

Structured Age Groups

We have always informally split our camps up by age, grouping campers with their peers. We are now taking a more structured approach that further facilitates collaboration, so your child makes new friends with tech-inspired campers of a similar age.

COVID19 Response & Virtual Camps

This summer, we have added new protocols to enhance the safety of our campers and staff. We have added our LIVE Virtual summer camp option. And, no camp offers more flexibility to convert to online or cancel your reservation. We’re here to help you make the best of a challenging time!

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration and team building is an integral part of any work, and we find that kids have more fun and stick to their projects longer when they work with friends. For this reason, we now build more parts of camp around collaborative participation opportunities.

Even More Programs

Our broad STEM curriculum has always offered plenty of flexibility and choices, and now there are even more programs, particularly for middle-school-aged kids. We now offer specialty camps that pair our more interest-focused campers with our most technically savvy instructors, catering to their more concentrated levels of interest.

Non-Screen STEM Activities

We get it. If kids spend all day in front of a screen, they come home with pent up energy, not ready to wind down for dinner or bedtime. Outdoor time and breaks have always been an essential part of our program, but we are now doing even more to ensure that all kids get exercise, have access to outside games, and enjoy breaks that foster fun and STEM learning.

FREE Year-Round Access

For one full year following the end of camp, all campers receive free cloud access to the files they created, plus free use of the software application they used most often during camp. Empow offers year-round programs in dozens of locations in Massachusetts so, after camp ends, students can continue working independently from home or with the support of our instructors.