STEM programs for Teens ages 13 and up

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As teenagers grow and evolve into adulthood, they typically demand consistent, dynamic, and diverse engagement with our contemporary technological society, grappling with an instinctual, passionate need to feed their body and mind with sustenance and knowledge that will help them navigate the world. And while some parents might bemoan that the younger generation lacks motivation or patience—especially in regards to their education—or that it’s difficult to find things they actually care about, the teen brain is malleable, ready for absorption, and poised to be motivated by an array of ideas about how to explore career paths, improve brain power, be creatively productive, and solve problems.

This is where Empow Studios comes in: we structure our STEM curriculum to allow for teenage students to discover cool, meaningful tech education at their own level and pace, to allow for reflection and inspiration, and to find out something special about themselves. That’s real education.

Empow Studios Student shows off his custom LEGO EV3 MINDSTORMS robot arm

STEM Summer Camps for Teens

Coding Camp

Ages 9-15

Coding Camp

Choose from projects in Python, Java, app design, and game design where split into collaborative groups based on interest and experience.

Maker Innovation Academy

Ages 11-15

Maker Innovation Academy

Two-week maker programs built in collaboration with Artisan’s Asylum

AR / VR Camp

Ages 12-17

AR / VR Camp

A two-week immersion into the future of technology. Work collaboratively to build games in AR & VR using some of the most advanced tools to date.

STEM Classes & Clubs for Teens

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