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Digital Audio Production

The way we hear media is just as vital as the way we see it.  Digital Audio, sound that has been recorded as or converted into a digital form, encompasses everything from music production to podcasts to radio broadcasting and more.  With Digital Audio Production curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll learn how to work with tools like Mixcraft and Reaper to create a variety of recordings and sound mixes.  Your ears will never be the same…in a good way.

Student playing with DJ curriculum
  • Why It Matters: In an age where nearly anyone with a computer can express themselves artistically, digital audio production has become a form of sound-based communication shared in virtual, cloud, and physical spaces, a way to access diverse ideas about personal taste, ethnic and geographic heritage, and musical creativity.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Flexibility, social skills, communication, creativity, productivity, technical literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will examine the fundamentals of music (rhythm, key, tempo, harmony, melody) and how to construct a well-balanced song.  Students will also explore and apply the principles of the digital interface MIDI and other audio effects to their projects.
  • Recommended Technology: Mixcraft, Reaper, Serato DJ
  • Recommended Ages: 7 and up
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