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Think Minecraft is just another addictive video game that’s captured the imagination of a generation?  What you might not know is that Minecraft offers a cornucopia of learning opportunities in architecture, animation, and circuitry.  With Minecraft curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll learn the game’s fundamentals, moving through a series of creative challenges while building your own world: make functional roller coasters, live animations, pixel art, architectural designs, and virtual mechanisms (using Minecraft’s patented electric current, Redstone).  You’ll also learn concepts such as “slash commands,” modding (using MCreator), and basic coding fundamentals.  Consider your imagination captured.

Boy playing Minecraft at Empow Studios
  • Why It Matters: Coding and creating three-dimensional platforms for virtual arenas are skills that have ever-increasing relevance in our technologically-oriented world.  Minecraft introduces these concepts to kids in an entertaining, intuitive package designed to inspire imagination and bolster problem-solving instincts.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Problem solving, collaboration, programming, user experience design, critical thinking, initiative, creativity, technical literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will design and follow plans while building structures, simple mechanisms and commands, and puzzles that involve concepts of timing, logic, and problem-solving.
  • Recommended Technology: Minecraft: Education Edition, MCreator
  • Recommended Ages: 7 and up
2019 Fall Class Schedule has been released! Lots of options everyday for ages 7-17.See the class schedule