Empow sets the bar high! Educators here take pride in their work, are driven to see kids succeed! As co-educators they are fun and easy to work with. It’s a liberal geeky, eclectic bunch of techies…meeting are punctuated by banter and camaraderie.

Pallavi Naravane

Assistant Director, Newton Studio

We are like one big energetic family. Everyone supports each other in times of need. Empow’s team is lighthearted in demeanor but extremely serious about learning, both in the programs and outside of them. We set ambitious goals and help each other to reach them while having fun in the process.

Theo Swartz

Sr. Instructor, Camp Director

The company culture of Empow is truly unique. It is equal parts professional and fun. Meetings are lighthearted and enjoyable, and the atmosphere can be pleasantly nerdy when talking about passionate projects in a really fun way.

Teddy Murphy

Sr. Instructor, Camp Director

This job is fantastic. Working with the kids is awesome. It’s definitely a rewarding job!

Costas Frost

After-School Club Director

I love working for this company. We put a premium on people and quality of education.

Bernardo Feliciano

Teacher Development & Curriculum Lead