Why Empow?


Our teaching approach is one reason why Empow matters.

In the modern exploration of the world of STEM, passion, engagement, and play drives learning. That’s the starting point for us at Empow.

Today, hands-on, creative, interactive play takes place in digital, virtual, and robotic environments, and can carve out potential future pathways for learning. Empow Studios supports not only active participation and developing literacy in that playground, but also social collaboration, self-actualization, and creativity. Empowering kids means giving them the tools not only to navigate their future landscapes, but be active and intentional creators of it.



What Makes Us Special?

Camper-Counselor Ratio

With an 8:1 camper-to-counselor ratio, we get to know each and every camper personally, providing the unique and personalized support they need to thrive.


We make it easy when plans change! You can change or cancel any camp or class registration up to two weeks (14 days) before camp or class starts.  Please review our full refund policy here.

Totally Collaborative

We provide inclusive spaces where kids are encouraged to share their ideas in a safe environment, learning from and with friends and staff.

Project-Based Programs

Unlike most classroom programs, our teaching method is Project-Based-Learning (PBL) where students are working on projects over an extended period of time, maybe a week at camp, or over a school semester.

An A+ Grade

With countless awards, Empow is known as a favorite among families in the region and is trusted by more than 150 educational and enrichment organizations that support STEM programs.

Year of Access Included

Camp projects do not need to end! For a full year, your child will have access to their digital project files on TalentBox. Students can continue to build and refine their amazing creations. Most software programs are free, but some require a small fee for use.

Amazing Year-Round Staff

Unlike many STEM summer camps, we offer year-round programs, allowing us to hire, retain, and train amazing, dedicated instructors! Again and again, we hear from students and campers — “I wish these were my teachers at school!” The best of fun and learning together!

Best Technology

Our online learning technology really sets us apart. Our counselors mix virtual classes, 1-on-1 coaching, feedback on camper projects completed in TalentBox (our very own learning management system and curriculum), and safely monitor classroom communities via chat and text.

Empow is closing for businessRead our announcement to learn more