Why Empow?

Our teaching approach is one reason why Empow matters.

In the modern exploration of the world of STEM, passion, engagement, and play drives learning. That’s the starting point for us at Empow.

Today, hands-on, creative, interactive play takes place in digital, virtual, and robotic environments, and can carve out potential future pathways for learning. Empow Studios supports not only active participation and developing literacy in that playground, but also social collaboration, self-actualization, and creativity. Empowering kids means giving them the tools not only to navigate their future landscapes, but be active and intentional creators of it.

What Makes Us Special?

What We Teach

Learn about the technologies and STEM subjects your child can learn with Empow Studios

3D Design & 3D Printing

3D Design & Printing 3D Modeling, or creating a virtual, three-dimensional model of a physical object using specialized software, has become a vital part of the fields of engineering, architecture, animation, and virtual reality.  And 3D Printing, a technology mostly utilized in industry since the dawn of the decade, is now accessible to students, educators, [...]


Architecture If you’ve ever wondered how they constructed that state-of-the-art sports stadium or how they might repair the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, then Architecture is the Talent Box curriculum for you.  Architecture is the art and practice of constructing buildings, and here you’ll learn how to realize two-dimensional plans as a three-dimensional space, familiarize [...]

Digital Animation

Digital Animation What do Coco, Moana, and Kung Fu Panda have in common?  They were all produced using digital—or computer—animation.  Digital Animation is the art and craft of creating moving images with a computer, and with this curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll learn the basic tools and techniques of animating two-dimensional scenes starting with the [...]

Digital Audio & Electronic Music Production

Digital Audio Production The way we hear media is just as vital as the way we see it.  Digital Audio, sound that has been recorded as or converted into a digital form, encompasses everything from music production to podcasts to radio broadcasting and more.  With Digital Audio Production curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll learn how [...]

Java Computer Programming

Programming with Java Writing in a language that both humans and computers can understand—what we call computer programming—is a skill that pays off in many ways.  Not only can you write useful and entertaining programs, but it’s also an exercise in problem solving, systems thinking, and user experience design.  With this Talent Box curriculum, you’ll [...]

LEGO Robotics

LEGO Robotics Robots aren’t just characters in the Star Wars universe.  As technology continues to develop in surprising, sophisticated ways, robots have emerged to make our lives easier and the world more productive, but how do they work exactly?  Robotics curriculum in Talent Box introduces several disciplines of engineering and, with the use of LEGO [...]

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Think Minecraft is just another addictive video game that’s captured the imagination of a generation?  What you might not know is that Minecraft offers a cornucopia of learning opportunities in architecture, animation, and circuitry.  With Minecraft curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll learn the game’s fundamentals, moving through a series of creative challenges while building [...]

Scratch Computer Programming

Programming with Scratch The future of technology begins with computer coding, but where’s a good place to start if you have the passion, just not the knowledge?  Why, Programming with Scratch curriculum in Talent Box, of course!  Scratch is a beginner-friendly, block-based language program that you can use to make fun games and short, animated [...]

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation From the original King Kong to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Stop Motion Animation has been used to bring some of the most memorable characters and creatures to life on the big and small screens.  Stop motion is the art of ordering still image sequences to create detailed movement, which can be done [...]

Video Game Design

Video Game Design For a moment, imagine working for Nintendo or Electronic Arts.  Don’t think you have the necessary skills to do it?  Utilize Video Game Design curriculum in Talent Box and learn how to plan and program clever, enjoyable, and thought-provoking experiences for others to play and explore.  For 2D Video Game Design, students [...]