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Want to deliver meaningful STEM learning to the students you know best, with your staff and the environment in which you’re most comfortable? We can help set your classroom, organization, and teachers up for complete success with customizable curriculum, consultation services, professional development/teacher training, assessment, and all the support you need.

Do you want your teachers to teach fun, exciting STEM topics at your school or organization? With our Professional Development services, we can provide educators with all the resources and support necessary to establish and maintain a quality STEM program wherever your facility is. Empow will work with you to customize a plan that fits your student population and curriculum needs. Request more information below
Our Resident Teacher Program will deliver a total STEM package that aligns with your education initiatives, and help prepare you for long-term success. Our knowledgeable instructors leverage Empow’s Talent Box learning platform, which includes our wide, subject-spanning curriculum. In addition to teacher training, we can provide: Consultation, Assessment, Customizable Curriculum, and a STEM Coordinator to guide you through the process and provide unparalleled support. Request more information below
Empow Teacher works with students on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project


Talent Box learning platform

Talent Box is a complete Project-Based Learning system to support your classroom, whether you’re a STEM veteran or an English teacher dabbling in engaging technology projects. Talent Box combines the best free and low-cost tools, direct how-to instruction, teacher materials, measurable assessment rubrics, automatic achievement badges, and authentic student portfolios to make this a total package.

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Talent Box is used in classrooms, camp and after-school programs.

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