Authentic Rave Reviews from Real Parents, Campers and Experts

My son attended this week, and the entire staff was great… He was really happy to go – never something we take for granted!… Celebrate yourselves! You deserve it!
-Steve in Needham

My son does a various summer camps and this one is always his favorite! He was really happy with his project and was able to learn new programs. Eric is a fantastic camp director: he is really patient, understanding and has a genuine interest in connecting with and supporting the kids. Thanks!
– Maureen in Concord 

Thank you and your outstanding and creative staff for such a wonderful experience! My son couldn’t wait to get there in the morning and never wanted to leave.
– Megan in Newton

My child had a phenomenal experience! He RAN intro camp everyday and did not stop talking about it for the entire night upon his return home.  We were so pleased to find a program where the instructors were fun, engaging and supportive, and where each child was able to work at his own level and to really be challenged. I can’t believe how much got accomplished in one week!
– Donna in Belmont 

Boy Building Robot at Empow Studios
I had two boys at your camp. One focused on robotics and the other on music. They both had great fun and learned too!
– Parent in Belmont

Learning game design and robotics at Empow really
encouraged my creativity, and taught me that creativity and science could be done together. It opened up paths and college and my career that I didn’t know existed. Thanks!
– Camper Alumni

If I could come here all the time, I definitely would!
– Student

My daughter thought your program is one of the best she has ever been in.
– Westborough parent

We did a different STEM program last year that wasn’t nearly as good. You got the kids going right away and provided instruction throughout. Even after a day at school, you got the kids attention and kept them motivated! The instructors were excellent at dealing with my child who can talk out of turn a lot; she positively re-oriented him to the task at hand, with simple language and clear directions.
–  Needham parent

This camp is great. The kids loved it!
– Kim in Arlington

Robotics students working with Empow Studios STEM Teacher
STEM Girls at Empow Studios
My daughter comes to Empow once a week after school. She loves it so much! There are so many choices of tech things to do. She’s had so much fun and the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and fun. It is always hard to ask her to leave when I pick her up, because she wants to stay to the last minute. I will definitely register her next year.
– Charles in Lexington 

This is the third year that my child has attended your camp and he has learned something new each year! 
– Sue in Wellesley 

My son is always begging me to stay a few more minutes to finish his projects and we are frequently one of the last ones to leave!
– Deniz

What I like about coming to Empow is that we get to learn with electronics and learn how to build stuff.
– Student

Boy shows off his robot at Empow Studios
We loved Empow! My kids could not get enough! Each morning, they woke up on their own and nagged us to leave earlier! My boys have different interests, and I am really pleased that both were so engaged.
– Melissa

I keep coming back again and again because it’s where I can be myself.
– Student

I wanted to let you know that my son’s instructor, Alison, was fantastic! We are raving about Empow to everyone!
– Lisa

What I like is that there are so many different things you can do, from game-making to claymation, either by yourself or with friends. I would go full time if I could!
– Gordon in Arlington

This was the best camp Josh has ever attended! He has a  learning disability and often balks at new experiences, but he literally ran into camp every morning, and was bright eyed and proud of his accomplishments at the end of each day! Your team was outstanding at understanding and adjusting to his learning differences. This was definitely a perfect fit and we will certainly see you next summer!
– Jayne in Newton

Boy showing off his Video Game Design at Empow Studios
Boy on computer learning Digital Animation at Empow Studios
My son, James, attended four camps this summer – a general one, two sports camps, and your STEM camp. Yours was his favorite! His second morning he announced that he’d been wishing all night for it to hurry up and be time to go back to your camp. Thank you so much for feeding my budding scientist’s creativity!
– Lucy

My kids loved it, and are very excited about what they learned. Great job!
– Joan in Acton

Thank you again for how much Abby enjoyed camp! We really appreciate the activities, the counselors, and their patience and caring. Abby is not the easiest kid, and you have really made a difference in her life. She can’t wait for more!
– Luann

Our son’s experience was an unparalleled success. The skill and engagement of the instructors was evident in the caliber of work produced by each and every camper. And, the camp’s commitment in guiding every child in the pursuit of his or her individual creative path is priceless.
– Richard in Cambridge

Girl Camper at Empow Studios

We are delighted to announce that Empow Studios has been chosen as a Family Favorite for the seventh consecutive year!

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Boy with Robotics at Empow Studios
My son came home each day and told me all about what he did.  I loved that he made the decisions about what to do and that there were so many choices. I like the presentation day where each child could be the star for a few minutes. I also really liked that you could tell the work was done by the children rather than the adults.  There were misspellings, poor grammar etc. It was the work of kids. That was the best part. It was one of the best programs we have ever signed up for.
– Jocelyn in Newton

Great place where my son has learned about computers and robots.  Would definitely recommend.
– Patricia

My son LOVED your class and learned a lot!  It was always the highlight of his day and he was very excited to talk about it during dinner. He told his friends and two are signing up!
– Anna in Needham

Max was very excited to return each day so could move to the next step in the programming. He felt great explaining to me all that he had done!
– Adam in Norfolk 

My son really loved it. Very fun while learning!
– parent in Weston

ur teaching approach is one reason why Empow matters.
My 8 year old daughter attended summer camp at the Acton location. I was impressed by the staff, who obviously knew their tech but were also very skilled at working with children for an extended day (not just a class). A factor not to be taken for granted!
– Alene in Ayer

My son was so excited to be making movies. Even now that the class is over he is using his camera and windows movie maker to keep using the skills he learned. He is very proud and excited at what he learned!
– Mandi in Weston

My son, Marc, had a great time! He’s very proud of his work!
– Anthony in Arlington

I appreciated that our kids were given independence and creative freedom to explore multiple technologies.
– Navetta in Acton 

children playing with robots at Empow Studios
Camper doing Video Game Design at Empow Studios
My son LOVED your camp. He was almost speechless the first day he came home – he finally just breathed, “It was AWESOME.” He was very excited by the choice of projects and really proud of the one he completed.
– Parent in Arlington

My son has Aspergers and his teacher was so kind, that he compared her to his favorite teacher — a real compliment.  She made him feel supported, and that he was learning a lot. He accomplished so much!
– parent in Newton 

One week wasn’t long enough!
– Westborough summer camper 

The Empow class my son is attending is is truly great. His experience with Amanda has been so positive! He has got a real passion for it now and unstoppable desire to design more video games. Thanks!
– Carol

I was really impressed with the instructors and how they were able to bring out so much from the kids.  My son had a wonderful experience and is already asking about participating again next year!
– Tina in Lexington

Empow Camper at Empow Studios
Boy Camper at Empow Studios
Looking back, Empow was a big part of why I choose to major in engineering.
– Camper alumni

I want to do it next year!
– Westborough camper

My son gravitated to the self-paced tutorials that made him feel empowered to be going along at his own pace. He was able to directly see the results of his learning, and creating his own game gave him a real sense of accomplishment! Great learning opportunity provided in a fun way. I highly recommend it!
– Sandy in Acton 

My child was excited to go every day!  He loved working on his project. The staff was super friendly and dynamic. I would definitely recommend it.
– Elvira in Newton 

Boys with Robots at Empow Studios
Video Game Design Camp at Empow Studios
My son enjoys his time at Empow. The teachers engage him to use Scratch to develop programs that motivate him to learn more. The staff are very helpful and the teachers seem to enjoy invested in developing the kids’ skills. Five stars!
– Jodi 

Excellent! My 12 year old son particularly enjoys learning how to create videos.
– Alketa in Watertown

Empow is so wonderful. My kid likes it very much. I think the camps can help kids have more imagination and be creative.
– Anhuihongru

Empow has been a fantastic place for my son and his friends to “get their tech” fix in the company of others and with cool mentors to help them out…
– Sarah 

Our son had a blast at Empow’s week-long Minecraft camp, where he learned new and more advanced ways of playing the game, including command blocks, redstone circuits, and more. We’re sending him back this summer!|
– Daniel in Brookline 

Boys with Minecraft Toys at Empow Studios
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