Supervised classroom
for remote learning students

A safe classroom where students can access their virtual school classes,
complete with technology, tech support and tutors to keep kids on track

Virtual School is Posing Challenges

  • Children need safe, social time away from their screens, and support for homework and technology so they stay on track on days when school is virtual
  • Parents cannot always be home, or if they are home, cannot afford to be regularly interrupted 

Robotics students working with Empow Studios STEM Teacher

Empow's Classroom is the Solution

  • Full day classroom, complete with technology to support virtual school classes, tutors to help when needed, tech support to kids up and running, and social opportunities during lunch and other breaks
  • Standard hours are approximately 7:45am-3:30pm (varies to meet local school hours)
  • We support all virtual and hybrid school schedules
  • Extended hours available  
  • Prices start at $110/day

Classroom is BETTER than staying home

  • Safe, in-person, social opportunities with other children
  • Tutors available to help across all of your child’s school classes
  • Computer hardware and high bandwidth internet access
  • Technology support 

New friends at ASC working together

Enroll Now In Newton or Lexington

Schedules available for students attending school remotely every day, some days, or every other week.

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