Don’t ask us about Empow, ask the kids!

If you have been keeping up with some of our social media lately you may have noticed we are very pumped up.

Why you ask?

It may actually not be what you think…..

Yes we are excited about our awesome new location in Lexington, that goes without saying! Having our own dedicated space where we can spread our wings has been a goal for several years. We’ve planned, we’ve dreamed. It’s go time!

But if we are really being honest with ourselves it’s not the space that matters. Yes the green screen room and the 3d printer will be phenomenal. I can name about ten teachers and techies that are already totally geeked up about it.

More important than any set of technology tools though is our students. We say we teach them but any educator knows that to teach you have to allow yourself to learn. I am constantly amazed as each year rolls by how much creative energy comes pouring out of these kids. From taking apart laptops to imagineering what happens when everyone leaves camp. Kids just get it.

Over the past seven years I have watched groups of young students grow into fantastic Teaching Assistants and Junior Mentors. We haven’t had a chance to highlight them all on our website, but we will. I am so proud of every one of them. This summer I watched several of these young adults sitting patiently with a camper who was having trouble, and I saw them taking the time to play cards with kids in the playground. I was not as in awe of how well their technical skills had grown as I was to see the emotional growth and genuine willingness to get down on the ground with “their” students and solve a problem.

Of course, this is catching. Younger students watch older students and then in turn look up to them as role models. I know I speak for all my colleagues when I say we are so excited to see what we can all accomplish together in the next year.

But don’t ask us, ask the kids. They just get it.

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