Virtual Programs and COVID-19 Response

    • All current students — virtual programs started March 16th. If you are not already enrolled, call us today at 800-456-4949.
    • Live, face-to-face, small-classroom, virtual classes now available. Learn More and Register Today.
    • Elementary and Middle Schools: Our online STEM curriculum and learning platform Talent Box can have teacher up and running leading engaging STEM classes. Free trials. More

Coding, Engineering, and Digital Arts for ages 7 to 17

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Empow Studios gets recognized as "Family Favorite" by Boston Parents Paper in multiple categories

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Our STEM Camp Locations

What we teach

Video Game Design Icon at Empow Studios

Video Game Design

Robotics Icon at Empow Studios


Animation Icon at Empow Studios


3D Icon at Empow Studios

3D Modeling & Printing

Pickaxe Icon at Empow Studios


Audio Icon at Empow Studios

Audio Production

Coding Camp icon from Empow Studios STEM Camps


Virtual Reality

Our Teaching Approach

Level-up in Art & Design, Building, & Coding

We have always been focused on getting girls and boys across a wide range of interests and ages excited about the creative power of technology. As educators, we’re also constantly trying to improve our practices and tools. This year, we’re introducing a new system that will support both of these goals: Talent Box.

Each child’s accomplishments are acknowledged in a way that is motivating, lasting, and flexible through the use of badges. Badges are awarded when kids complete tracks in specific technologies, and are also awarded for leveling-up in cross-disciplines, including secret unlockable badges! Kids choose projects that level-up in three domains: Art & Design, Building, and Coding.

Art & Design



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Empowering kids to design, build, and code.

About Us

Empow Studios brings technology, arts, and play together to help young learners discover and build on their creative talents.

The need for basic technology literacy is great, and the list of tools and technologies that can excite and engage children is ever-growing. Our goal is to empower kids to become creators of videos, games, 3D models, and designs that they are proud to share with family & friends, and learn the fundamentals of engineering and computer science in the process. Every kid should have a chance to develop life-long interest in STEM.

What do you want to MAKE today?

I love Empow Studios! It is fun, interesting, the instructors are awesome, I always learn something new, and I felt a warm welcome right away from everybody – great place to learn and have fun at the same time! How awesome is that!
My son is begging me to stay a few more minutes to finish his projects and we are frequently one of the last ones to leave!
What I like about coming to Empow is that we get to learn with electronics and learn how to build stuff!
The children had a great time and were enthusiastic during the entire program. We received numerous calls from parents in the surrounding communities inquiring about the workshop, as well as upcoming programs at other locations.
I just wanted to take this opportunity and express my gratitude to the staff at the February Tech and Design Camp. My son sometimes struggles making friends and it was wonderful to see him strike up new friendships during the week. He is already waiting for April vacation to come around and see his friends again, and they are chatting on email in the meantime. The staff also went the extra mile to expose him to a new program in preparation for the new VR summer camp. Just so we could be sure he is ready. Empow provides a truly exceptional space for my son where he can explore his creativity in ways that he can nowhere else!
Empow Studios student gives feedback on STEM programsSofiaStudent from Empow STEM programs
Drazon at Empow StudiosDenizParent from After-School Club
Girl Camper at Empow StudiosStudentFrom Empow NanoCamp
Robot Icon at Empow StudiosAnnaFrom Needham Public Library
ChristineParent from Vacation Camp