Coding with Sphero BOLT

Come code a robot, make it smart, and watch it successfully navigate an obstacle course!

This introductory-level coding camp focuses on Sphero Bolt’s Scratch-like block-based coding language. Campers take advantage of the robotics sensors and colorful LED light matrix to tackle progressively more difficult challenges. Behind the scenes, Bolt translates the drag-and-drop coding instructions into Javascript, a popular coding language used by professionals. Towards week’s end, we encourage campers to investigate the Javascript code they have created with their coding blocks, giving them an onramp into text-based programming.

  • Grades 2-4 (Fall 2023)
  • Level Beginner – Intermediate
  • Schedule Week-long camp, 9am-4pm daily. Early drop-off options available
  • Prerequisites Basic reading, keyboard, and mouse skills recommended
  • Price Starting at $719

This camp is great for kids who

  • Would be excited to see their code acted out in real-life, hands-on robots in action
  • Want to learn to code
  • Love robots but may not necessarily yet be interested in coding
  • Are drawn to sci-fi themes

Come Have Fun and Learn To

  • Code using block-based coding
  • Program a robot to behave like it has a personality and to tackle challenges like an maze
  • Think about how digital instructions will play out in the physical world
  • Work with sensors so the physical world can influence how digital instructions play out
  • Recognize what text-based coding languages can look like
2021 Python Class Fancy Spirograph (1)-min
Python Spirograph 2-min
Python Spirograph 4-min

The Best STEM Camp for Your Child

  • Voted a #1 Best STEM Program eight years running by thousands of local parents like you, and trusted by more than 100 education partners including elite private schools and large diverse public schools to run STEM programs for their students
  • More convenient, safe, kid-appropriate locations Make new friends with kids who share your child’s passion for STEM and live near you
  • Fun learning that builds lifelong passion
  • Year-round, local, STEM programs in MA
  • Flexible refunds and changes to adapt to your evolving schedule
  • Exceptional Empow-trained staff are passionate about STEM and adept at building mentor relationships
  • Personalized learning in each small class

Uncompromising Quality Without Extravagant Prices

We all want the best for our kids. Empow’s year-round programs, partnerships with more than 100 educational institutions, and a tight focus on elementary and middle schoolers, allow us to provide you with the highest quality STEM summer camp without the extravagant prices charges by many summer-only STEM camps.

  • Year-round instructional staff offer exceptional quality without costly high turnover typical at summer-only STEM camps
  • More than 100 education partners in New England mean we earn our exceptional local reputation without exorbitant national marketing (and we pass those saving on to you)
  • Private schools and our own year-round studios offer more convenient, safer, and more kid-friendly camp locations (that cost us and you less)
  • Local owners on a mission to provide exceptional quality STEM education

“We found EMPOW to be the best learning and fun for our little one, at agreeable prices for the value they provide”
—Tara, Lexington Summer Camp Parent, 2022

Answers to Common Questions about this Camp

  • How is this camp different from other robotics and coding camps at Empow?

    • In Battle Bots: Build & Drive with Custom Armor the robots use remote controls rather than coding to drive. The campers learn to assemble the bots and use 3D CAD software to design unique armor to aid in their battles.
    • Sphero Bolts are pre-assembled and campers code the robots.
    • Coding with Scratch and Python is a robot-free coding experience. Campers use code to build video games or interactive stories starting with block-based programming and progressing to professional-grade Python.

  • How does this camp fit into my child’s education and development?

    Coding continues to gain traction as a key skill that is as important to learn as science or math. Learning to code is highly valued by parents and educators in part because it teaches “computational thinking,” a constellation of skills that encompasses problem solving, thinking logically, and breaking down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces. Coding robots is a great on-ramp to coding for kids more drawn to hands-on activities or sci-fi themes.

  • What camp will this prepare my child to take next?

  • What is an Empow STEM camp day like?

    Most days have four periods focused intently on student learning and project creation. Whether they’re coding, designing video games, or sculpting in virtual 3D clay, we believe creativity is essential and is built into the DNA of our program design. We foster collaboration because it’s an essential learning skill and because it increases STEM learning and because making friends with kids with shared STEM interests builds lifelong learning and because it is an awesome part of camp! Outside activities, lunch and breaks provide the balanced no-screen time campers need to thrive and come home composed for the evening. At week’s end, our rock star campers show off their ambitious projects to family and friends.

  • What are the camp’s hours‚ early drop-off options‚ and other available options?

    • Regular day: Empow STEM camps run from 9am-4pm.
    • Free early drop-off: Available starting at 8:45am.
    • Earlier drop-off with Semi-Private lessons: If you need earlier drop-off or if your child would benefit from even more individual attention, sign up for semi-private lessons at $35/day, available Tuesday-Friday. Availability is limited so act soon. Book as an option during checkout.
    • Pre-Camp Jump Start with Two 60-Minute Private Lessons: Get your child ready to get the most out of their camp experience! Whether your child will feel more comfortable starting camp after some individual attention, or wants to get a jump start on learning, our amazing instructors are here to help. Lessons are available online or on campus for select locations. Scheduling is flexible through mid-June with highly limited availability thereafter. Get your summer started early! $119, 40% off our regular private lessons rate! Book as an option during checkout.

  • How is Empow STEM camp different from other similar programs?

    Empow’s STEM camps are uniquely able to meet the needs of children and young teens and their families.

    • Better Instructors for Children & Young Teens. Our instructors are exceptional at working with this age cohort, nurturing their budding passion for STEM, providing compelling tech-savvy role models, developing the social and emotional skills essential for kids and STEM-learning, and making camp fun! Like some programs, many of our instructors are recruited from top colleges, pass rigorous background checks, and are trained extensively. Unlike many programs, because we offer year-round STEM programs, many of our instructors work with us year-round, making them exceptionally capable.
    • Exclusively focused on the unique needs of Children & Young Teens. Elementary and middle school students should not be stressing about preparing for college applications or padding their resumes; camps with that focus are clearly designed for older students. Neither should they just be playing video games all day, as many so-called STEM camps have kids do. Rather, Empow camps meet age-appropriate learning and developmental goals: Exposure to STEM in a fun and supportive environment; Foundations for lifelong STEM learning which begin with making campers excited to keep learning more; Self-esteem and self-confidence from by overcoming obstacles, completing ambitious projects, and presenting them to family and peers; Friendships with like-minded local students that embrace their interests and personality; Social and emotional development which has been proven to advance STEM learning at this age in particular; Opportunity to accelerate into high-school level curriculum once they find STEM topics that ignite their passion; and Fun because great things happen when kids love to learn.
    • More Convenient, Safer, More Kid-Friendly Locations. Empow offers more camps, in more locations, to make life easier for busy parents. Whether at elite private schools like Milton and Winsor, or at our own year-round studios, our camps run on safe, kid-oriented campuses.
    • Year-round Local Programs. If your child finds their passion with STEM, Empow is there as your partner to continue the learning. Unlike STEM camps that are here only a few weeks each summer, we offer programs year-round with local in-person Afterschool Classes, Private Lessons, and camps during school vacation and holidays.
    • Lower prices. The best does not have to cost the most. Empow has won more awards for excellence, and is trusted by more local education partners, and still saves you 30% or more compared to some of the big national, summer-only STEM camps.

Rave Reviews From Parents Like You …

My son has a learning disability and often balks at new experiences, but he literally ran into camp every morning, and was bright eyed and proud of his accomplishments at the end of each day! Your team was outstanding at understanding and adjusting to his learning differences.

Your team was outstanding at understanding and adjusting to his learning differences
–Jayne in Newton

I had two boys at your camp. One focused on robotics and the other on music. They both had great fun and learned too!

They both had great fun and learned too!
–Parent in Belmont

My son does a various summer camps and this one is always his favorite! He was really happy with his project and was able to learn new programs. Eric is a fantastic camp director: he is really patient, understanding and has a genuine interest in connecting with and supporting the kids. Thanks!

Eric is a fantastic camp director
–Maureen in Concord

My son, James, attended four camps this summer - a general one, two sports camps, and your STEM camp. Yours was his favorite! His second morning he announced that he'd been wishing all night for it to hurry up and be time to go back to your camp. Thank you so much for feeding my budding scientist's creativity!

Thank you so much for feeding my budding scientist’s creativity!

My child had a phenomenal experience! He RAN intro camp everyday and did not stop talking about it for the entire night upon his return home. We were so pleased to find a program where the instructors were fun, engaging and supportive, and where each child was able to work at his own level and to really be challenged. I can't believe how much got accomplished in one week!

My child had a phenomenal experience!
–Donna in Belmont

My son LOVED your camp. He was almost speechless the first day he came home -- he finally just breathed, "It was AWESOME." He was very excited by the choice of projects and really proud of the one he completed.

My son LOVED your camp
–Parent in Arlington

Our son had a blast at Empow's week-long Minecraft camp, where he learned new and more advanced ways of playing the game, including command blocks, redstone circuits, and more. We're sending him back this summer!

We’re sending him back this summer!
–Daniel in Brookline

We Are Delighted to Announce That Empow Studios Has Been Chosen as a Family Favorite for the Seventh Consecutive Year!

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Coding Path Path:Coding with Sphero BOLT

Grades* 2-4;

Description >

Coding Path Path: Coding with Sphero BOLT

Grades* 2-4;

Description >

Coding with Sphero BOLT

Grades* 2-4

Description >


9am-4pm ET.


* As of Fall 2023

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