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Monthly Membership for After School STEM Program in Massachusetts

BUILD is a monthly membership program that includes 2 one-hour STEM classes per week for kids 7-15. Available classes with descriptions, locations, and schedules are available here: Digital Art & Design, Minecraft, Coding, Robotics, and Video Game Design. BUILD Monthly Membership fees start at only $224 a month. We currently offer BUILD classes in Lexington, Newton and LIVE Virtual. 

Schedule A Free STEM Lesson and Consultation

In order to select the best classes for your student, we recommend signing up for a free STEM lesson and consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your student’s interests, existing STEM knowledge, and what’s important for your student’s STEM experience. Then we’ll work together to configure a customized STEM learning path.

So many things to BUILD!

  • BUILD fun STEM projects! Your skills! Lasting friendships! Mentor relationships! YOUR future!
  • Discover what STEM topics most excite you!
  • Focus to accelerate into more advanced levels
  • Earn badges for completing fun projects!
  • Progress at your own pace (or the pace your parents set!). Change domains or levels every 2-3 months.
  • Engage in a dynamic environment: collaboration, coaching, instruction, interaction, and our own learning platform, TalentBox

Boy shows off his robot at Empow Studios
Boy showing off his Video Game Design at Empow Studios

Why Parents & Kids Prefer Empow!

  • Lifetime learning requires learning AND fun. We offer BOTH!
  • Mentor relationships with instructors keep kids engaged
  • Coding is great. STEM options ignite passion and build stronger foundations!
  • Find the right classes with free consultation and individualize learning path!
  • Collaborative projects build friendships and enthusiasm!

Keys to an amazing experience

  • Small classes and individualized learning paths
  • Cool STEM projects for kids to build as they learn
  • Dynamic blend of teaching and learning methods
  • Amazing instructors that become mentors
  • Join any time! Progress at your pace
  • Parents get progress reports, access to completed projects, and prompts to help start conversations!

Boy on computer learning Digital Animation at Empow Studios

Looking for more options?

In addition to our BUILD program, Empow Studios is ready to support your students this year with Private STEM lessonsEmpods – our STEM learning pods, or our Classroom Solution for virtual students.


Click for more info on Tech & Design

Digital Art & Design

3D_ Model, Sculpt _ Architect
3D_ Model _ Sculpt
3D_ Architect
Animation_ Digital _ Stop Motion
Digital Animation with OpenToonz
Stop Motion Animation Movie Production
Click for more info on Minecraft


Minecraft Exploration
Building with Redstone _ Commands
Minecraft Modding with mCreator
Minecraft Advanced Team
Click for more info on Coding


Coding with Scratch
Coding with Python 101
Coding with Python 201
Python Advanced Team
Coding with Java 101
Coding with Java 201
Coding Unity _ C# for 3D Games _ VR
Click for more info on Robotics


Junior Robotics
Programmable Gadgets
Competitive Robotics 101
Click for more info on Video Game Design

Video Game Design

2D Video Game Design
2D Video Game Development
3D Worlds with Unity
3D Games _ VR with C# and Unity


These virtual classes rock-- we love Empow!

I didn’t think I’d get to see my friends for awhile, but with the online Empow class, it’s like we’re together again!

These classes give me the time to get my own work done while knowing my child is learning valuable skills in a supervised setting. You've done a great job!

The small virtual class size and attentive and knowledgeable teachers make sure that my son is engaged and learning while also having fun!

My two kids attended virtual classes at Empow Studio today with their teachers and classmates, and it was a fantastic experience. Not only did it keep them busy during this challenging time when both my husband and I are trying to work from home, but it also provided them with an enriching academic activity and fulfilling interaction with their teachers and classmates!

Both my husband and I are physicians, and are having to work long hours while our kids are at home with limited supervision. You have thought of everything we are desperately in need of right now. THANK YOU!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this for our children (and for us parents too)!!!!!


#1 Winner, 6 Years Running!

Best STEM Summer Camp
#1 in 2020, #1 in 2019

Best Academic Summer Camp
Top 10 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best School Vacation Camp
#1 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Science Technology & Digital Arts Summer Camps
#1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Kids Party
Top 10 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018

Top Five, 7 Years in a Row!

Best Winter Camp
Top 5 in 2020, #1 in 2019, Top 5 in 2017

Best Among All Types of Enrichment & After-School Programs
Top 10 in 2020, Top 5 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Science & Technology Programs
Top 10 in 2020, Top 5 in 2019, Top 5 in 2018, Top 5 in 2017, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best Among All Types of Teen Focused Summer Camps
Top 5 in 2019

Best Educational Support & Tutoring
Top 5 in 2014

Convenient locations

Our flagship locations in Newton and Lexington offer the widest range of program options. Also available as LIVE Virtual

Frequently Asked Questions

+How long are classes?

Each BUILD class is an hour long. Most students attend class two hours per week. Some students attend two classes in one day, while others find coming twice a week a better fit. Some students enroll for three or four hours per week.
+Is busing available?

We wish we knew! The state and busing companies are still trying to figure out safety rules which will likely lead to fewer operators offering busing and much higher prices. Stay tuned!
+Are you offering BUILD both in-person and LIVE virtually?

Yes! We had enormous success complying with strenuous COVID safety procedures this summer and will continue to offer programs in-person. We are launching September programs as LIVE Virtual only and will add in-person classes over the next few weeks. Our LIVE Virtual classes and camps have gotten incredible reviews from parents and students. You can select just in-person classes, LIVE Virtual classes, or some of each.
+Can I combine in-person and LIVE Virtual classes?

Yes! You can select just in-person classes, LIVE Virtual classes, or some of each. We are happy to accommodate the best schedule for your child and family.

+Can my child stay for the whole time after school?

Yes! Some students come straight from school and stay until we close at 7pm. To extend the day, we offer optional high quality STEM-enrichment care, so before, after or in between their BUILD classes students can get snacks, get help with homework, work on their Empow projects, or play educational games with their classmates.
+How is this different from programs Empow ran last year like ASC (After School Club) and Classes?

BUILD offers all that our three former programs offered and more!

ASC (After School Care): BUILD classes bundled with optional enrichment care offers the same great mix of fun STEM classes and childcare activities from the time school ends until ours centers close.

Clubs: BUILD’s individual learning paths can be tailored to provide the student-centered focus on choices, discovery, exploration, and flexible pacing that made our Clubs so popular.

Classes: We can consult with you to create a BUILD individual learning path for your child with the same focused learning, clear expectations, and rigorous timelines that made our Classes a great fit for many families.

Plus, BUILD offers parents:

  • free consultations to help you and your child select the learning path best suited to you and your child
  • a clear understanding of what your child will learn
  • regular updates on what your child is learning, access to their completed STEM projects, and suggested questions to help you and your child share what they have accomplished
  • more advanced options to challenge middle schoolers and precocious elementary-school students

+When do classes begin and end?

Classes run on an ongoing basis. Children can join anytime and progress through the projects and learning content at their own pace or the pace defined by their individual learning path. Most students will take 2-3 months to cover the content in one class before progressing to the next level or switching to a different learning domain.

+Can I just sign up my child just to take one class -- like Python?

Yes! We can construct an individualized learning path focused on just one topic and make sure that your child is placed in the most appropriate level of class.

+All this talk of “classes” -- is Empow still fun?

Yes! We believe that life-long STEM learning begins with discovering all that STEM includes and finding your areas of greatest passion and excitement. Our STEM-projects are both fun and challenging, and provide students with the total experience required for success in both the short and long term.