Empow Garners Boston Parents Paper Awards

Empow Garners Boston Parents Paper Awards

Empow Studios’ run of recognition from local media organizations, especially those that serve parents and their kids, continues in 2019.

Lexington, MA— Empow Studios continued its multi-year streak of accolades from Boston Parents Paper in 2019, landing the number one spots in many of the publication’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards ceremony which honors “Family Favorites” in education and extra-curricular enrichment from the greater Boston and Massachusetts region.

Here’s the impressive list from BPP’s various categories:

Winner – Best Academic Summer Camps

Winner – Best School Vacation Camps

Winner – Best STEM Summer Camps

Winner – Best Winter Camps

Winner – Best Kids Party Entertainment

Empow Studios also finished in the 2019 top 5 for these categories:

Enrichment and After-School Programs

Science & Technology Programs

Birthday Party Venues

Teen-Focused Summer Camps (at our AR/VR camps)

We don’t take this kind of recognition for granted.

Leonid Tunik, Empow founder and CEO

Boston Parents Paper has been conducting the “Family Favorites” poll—asking thousands of families across the state to cast their votes for the best in educational and entertainment opportunities—for eighteen years running, with the publication hitting the market each spring.

Humbling and gratifying, yes, but Empow isn’t resting on its laurels.  “We don’t take this kind of recognition for granted,” says Leonid Tunik, Empow Studios’ Founder and CEO.  “Parents in these communities are an integral part of getting kids into the kinds of programs we offer, so to be called out this way is validating and important.  It means, as a result, we can continue serving students, improve our curriculum and facilities, and offer the best STEM education possible.”

And Empow is chugging into fall with new and expanded STEM and tech-related programs, classes, and clubs at both our Lexington and Newton studios.  Register now and see what all the hullabaloo is about!

About Empow Studios: With 20+ camp locations, two studios, and 150+ educational partners, Empow Studios serves as the top provider of STEM enrichment in Massachusetts, with a mission to make STEM learning accessible to all. Empow Studios is where kids, teens, and adults can learn to design, build, and code.

For more information on our programs, please visit the following links below:
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Talent Box: Web app for teaching STEM

Empow Labs: XR Digital Makerspace

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