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Why not take a chance and try making something? Why not make your own video game, design a dream house, film a movie, or build a robot?


We do the hard work of pulling together proven hardware and software, designing carefully leveled projects that present manageable challenges to the kids we work with, and guiding our students through their first or 100th project in a creative, hands-on approach. All our projects involve a mix of cross-disciplinary skills in math, science, engineering and writing & story-telling. All programs are open to new and returning students.

Video Production

Icon-Video ProductionLearn the introductory programs for creating your own movies. These are the initial steps one would take before learning the professional projects used in today’s Hollywood movies! Learn a variety of special effects including green screen, animated sequences and transitional effects.

Icon-AnimationDon’t just watch animated movies- make your own! Students mix art with technology to bring their stories to life. After outlining and creating a storyboard, students will choose a method of animation (stop motion, digital, etc.) and begin creating their scenes and characters. After filming, students can work on the post-production process to add titles, transitions, and sounds.
Audio Production
Icon-AudioCreate your own tracks while learning the fundamentals of music production. Experiment with professional software used for recording, editing, and mixing music. Whether you want to produce the next hit single or create a spooky soundtrack, our tools and knowledgeable staff will help you achieve your vision. No previous musical training required!
Icon-Robotic ConstructionDo you like to build? Drive remote control vehicles? Program robots? Then we have a challenge for you. We use LEGO Mindstorms materials to construct motorized, programmed devices. Depending on the age group, projects may include a drawbridge, robotic arm, pinball machine, crane, car, or others. Once built, projects will be motorized and programmed on a computer using a LEGO programming language. At the end of the program students will receive slideshow of their projects. Note: LEGO projects will not be taken home. Workshops available for grades 4-8.
3D Design

Icon-3DWould you like to design a product that will revolutionize the world? Maybe you’d like to model a figurine of your cat? Learn to create 3D models like the pros! Using freely available software from the industry leader Autodesk, students learn to sketch, model, sculpt, and colorize their own 3D designs. Completed designs can then be shared on the internet, or PRINTED in a variety of different materials. No previous experience necessary. Make something awesome.

Graphic Design

Icon-DesignAnything from architecture to fashion design to digital animation and more. We teach a variety of software that one can develop into quite useful skills in today’s digitally-favored world. Learn how to design houses in Google Sketch Up or manipulate photos in Adobe Photoshop or even create your own comic book in Comic Life.

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