Empow’s LIVE Virtual STEM Summer Camp

What Will You Create This Summer?

Each camper creates their own fun while learning new skills, making new friends, and enjoying time both on and off the computer!

Now online nationally!


Our project-based virtual camps offer a supervised, small-group, interactive experience that combines fun and learning. Our creative approach to education has our kids coding their own video games, engineering custom robots, filming original movies, creating digital artwork, and much more.

Project-Based Camps

Unlike online classroom learning, our small camp size and project-based learning model ensures that campers are actively engaged. Each Monday, Tech Demos help campers start their cool new projects. Campers enjoy plenty of fun, games, and social activities all week, leading up to Friday’s Graduation and Project Showcase!


As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to commit to summer camp right now. Empow offers full refunds up until 2 weeks before camp begins! You can also easily transfer between available on-campus options and virtual camp options. Flexible full-day or half-day options are available to fit your family’s schedule for a stress-free summer.

Experienced Online

Our team is stocked with experts in distance education and online learning, and we have gained even more experience this spring teaching hundreds of students online! We know how to make online learning fun, interactive, and engaging, while balancing time on and off the computer.

Best Technology

Our online learning technology really sets us apart. Our counselors mix virtual classes, 1-on-1 coaching, feedback on camper projects completed in TalentBox (our very own learning management system and curriculum), and safely monitor classroom communities via chat and text.

An A+ Grade

With countless awards, Empow is known as a favorite among families in the region and is trusted by more than 150 educational and enrichment organizations that support STEM programs.

Year of Access Included

Camp projects do not need to end! For a full year, your child will have access to their digital project files on TalentBox and use of the software they used to complete their projects. They can continue to build and refine their amazing creations!

Amazing Year-Round Staff

Unlike many STEM summer camps, we offer year-round programs, allowing us to hire, retain, and train amazing, dedicated instructors! Again and again, we hear from students and campers — “I wish these were my teachers at school!” The best of fun and learning together!

Great Value

With amazing year-round teachers, small classes, proprietary learning technology, flexible refund policies, unmatched #1 awards, and reasonable prices, we offer unbeatable value. Surveys routinely rate us as far better than more expensive programs that swoop into Boston once a year to run camps on expensive college campuses.


Tech and Design Path3-02
Tech and Design Path2-04
Tech and Design Path2-03
Tech and Design Path3-05
Tech and Design Path3-06
Mindcraft Path3-01
Mindcraft Path3-02 (1)
Mindcraft Path3-03
Mindcraft Path3-04
Mindcraft Path2-05
Coding Path3-01
Coding Path3-02
Coding Path Python 101
Coding Path Python 201
Coding Path2-05
STEM Path3-01
STEM Path3-02
Robotics Path2-02
Robotics Path2-03
Robotics Path2-04
Robotics Path FLL
Gaming Path2-01
Gaming Path2-02
Gaming Path2-03

A Typical Day at Virtual Camp

The flow of a typical week at our award-winning Virtual Summer Camps is awesomely diverse and packed with big fun.

Big fun and big learning at camp starts with a virtual drop-off, attendance check, and Daily Scrum (or Circle-Up for our younger campers). Rest assured that campers are supervised throughout the entire day. Parent communication takes place just as it would with our on-campus programs.

Ready for the day, our counselors engage campers with a Tech Demo during Morning Project Time. Morning Project Time also includes time for independent project work and collaboration with counselors. An off-screen break, such as meditation or a brief physical activity, helps balance screen time.

Late morning Project Testing is an opportunity for campers to share their projects with other campers, get (and give) constructive feedback, and help iron out the bugs. Tech Talks throughout the week expand campers’ knowledge and ignite their passion for learning.

We’ll provide a different fun activity each day during Lunch Break. Campers who want to eat with their family can be checked out by parents.

Following afternoon attendance check, campers will continue their project work during Afternoon Project Time, while counselors check in with campers individually and in small groups. We’ll mix things up with more Tech Talks throughout the week, and each afternoon includes a fun off-screen activity.

We’ll end each day with Project Wrap-Up time and virtual pick-up. Campers finish the last details of the day, save their files, and show off their work with fellow campers. And when we get to Friday, it’s time for Graduation and Project Showcase! Our rock star campers love showing off their projects to family and friends.

Throughout the entire virtual camp experience, parents can engage with campers and the teaching team using our private and secure messaging server, see the kids’ progress, and be part of the experience!

Empow Virtual Classes
Check-in with instructors and peers during the Daily Scrum or Circle-Up.
Focusing on virtual learning and fun!
Get creative during Morning Project Time!
Boy working with robots during Robotics Week at Empow Studios
Test out what you've built or programmed!
Cable Management at Empow Studios
Take a lunch or exercise break--your project will wait for you!
Boy playing Minecraft at Empow Studios
Check your progress and streamline your project during Afternoon Project Time!
Girl shows off Claymation at Empow Studios
Show off all your cool projects during Graduation & Project Showcase!


Daily Schedule

This spring we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of parents and dozens of schools to provide live, virtual classes online, during and after the school day. Our virtual Summer Camp benefits from the lessons we’ve learned in these classes. It includes blocks on and off the computer, time for lunch and snacks, and exercise activities! Your kids will be engaged, giving you time to get things done at home or work.

Full-Day and Half-Day Options

Our project-based learning model and low 8:1 camper-instructor ratio make it easy to offer both full-day and half-day options. Summer boredom is solved with a variety of camp sessions and choices. A camper who has enrolled in our Tech & Design Exploration camp might enjoy the chance to level up in Digital Animation camp. A Minecraft Expedition veteran might want to challenge their skills in the more advanced Minecraft Modding with MCreator. How about an adventure that includes jumping from Coding with Scratch to Coding with Python to Coding with Java? Learn why our campers keep coming back year after year. We have something for everyone!


To get up and running, your child will need a Mac or PC with microphone, speakers, and internet. If you have used your computer for Webex, FaceTime, or used the audio collaboration features in Fortnite or Minecraft, you’re probably all set. If you only have access to a Chromebook or tablet, please call us to discuss the more limited options we can provide.

Dates & Pricing

June 22nd – Sept 4th
1-Week and 2-Week Sessions
Monday – Friday
Full Day: 9am-4pm
Half Day: 9am-12pm or 1-4pm
Full-day Virtual 1-week Camps: $499
Half-day Virtual 1-week Camps: $299
Full-day Virtual 2-week Camps: $999
Half-day Virtual 2-week Camps: $599

*Additional equipment fees may apply. Details available.

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We have always been focused on getting girls and boys across a wide range of interests and ages excited about the creative power of technology. As educators, we’re also constantly trying to improve our practices and tools.

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These virtual classes rock-- we love Empow!

I didn’t think I’d get to see my friends for awhile, but with the online Empow class, it’s like we’re together again!

These classes give me the time to get my own work done while knowing my child is learning valuable skills in a supervised setting. You've done a great job!

The small virtual class size and attentive and knowledgeable teachers make sure that my son is engaged and learning while also having fun!

My two kids attended virtual classes at Empow Studio today with their teachers and classmates, and it was a fantastic experience. Not only did it keep them busy during this challenging time when both my husband and I are trying to work from home, but it also provided them with an enriching academic activity and fulfilling interaction with their teachers and classmates!

Both my husband and I are physicians, and are having to work long hours while our kids are at home with limited supervision. You have thought of everything we are desperately in need of right now. THANK YOU!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this for our children (and for us parents too)!!!!!


2019 Winner 5x’s!

Boston Parents Paper awards Empow Studios multiple awards in 2019

Best STEM Summer Camp
#1 in 2019

Best Academic Summer Camp
#1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best School Vacation Camp
#1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Winter Camp
#1 in 2019, Top 5 in 2017

Best Kids Party
#1 in 2019, #1 in 2018

2019 Top Five 3x’s!

Best Science Technology & Digital Arts Summer Camps
#1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Among All Types of Enrichment & After-School Programs
Top 5 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Science & Technology Programs
Top 5 in 2019, Top 5 in 2018, Top 5 in 2017, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best Among All Types of Teen Focused Summer Camps
Top 5 in 2019

Best Educational Support & Tutoring
Top 5 in 2014

Celebrate your child’s passion for technology and enroll in the ultimate STEM summer camp experience

As technology increasingly influences our lives, computer science and its related fields are now more important than ever – yet many kids still don’t have enough opportunities to learn about technology. For 10+ years, our mission at Empow has been to bring students fun, engaging STEM instruction that boosts their confidence and gives them the skills they need to succeed in our modern world. At our award-winning summer camps, our students are learning to do amazing things with computers. Our creative approach to education has our kids coding their own video games, engineering custom robots, filming original movies, creating digital artwork, and much more.

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