Programming with Scratch

The future of technology begins with computer coding, but where’s a good place to start if you have the passion, just not the knowledge?  Why, Programming with Scratch curriculum in Talent Box, of course!  Scratch is a beginner-friendly, block-based language program that you can use to make fun games and short, animated scenes; in the process, you’ll learn the basic techniques and common habits of computer programmers around the world.  YOUR future starts here…

  • Why It Matters: Computer programming continues to be one of our world’s most vital industries; the foundations of the internet, business and financial sectors, service/entertainment applications, and much more are built on what humans have been able to achieve through programming and coding.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Initiative, communication, productivity, technical and informational literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will recognize and describe how simple motion, loops, conditional statements, and events work in coding.  Students will also develop and reproduce sounds, looks, buttons, and functions.
  • Recommended Technology: Scratch
  • Recommended Ages: 6 and up
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