Stop Motion Animation

From the original King Kong to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Stop Motion Animation has been used to bring some of the most memorable characters and creatures to life on the big and small screens.  Stop motion is the art of ordering still image sequences to create detailed movement, which can be done with simple, inexpensive equipment and a variety of computer platforms.

With Stop Motion Animation curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll start with the fundamentals (simple scenes, basic story writing, character Stop Motion Animationmanipulation, staging, and walk cycles) and then transition to more advanced concepts (green screen, gesture drawing, timing, overlapping action, sound design, detailed emotion, lighting, and color theory).  Your animated adventures begin here!

Girls work on stop-motion animation at an Empow workshop.
  • Why It Matters: Film and animation production are viable, expansive industries, providing opportunities for a diversity of creative and professional pathways.  These fields also provide an outlet for the development and expansion of kids’ storytelling skills.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Storytelling, collaboration, creativity, social skills, technical and media literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will explore and identify the principles of basic stop motion animation production (as well as pre- and post-production elements), applying knowledge to the creation of their own scenes and sequences.
  • Recommended Technology: Hue Animation Studio software
  • Recommended Ages: 6 and up
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